45% of Xbox players have not yet passed the first Starfield mission

Starfield is the largest launch of Bethesda with 6 million players, however, judging by the achievements at the moment on Xbox, it may seem that a significant part of these users did not even complete the first game mission.

According to The7thlevel on Twitter, these data mean that many players who at least once installed and launched Starfield did not spend much time in the fantastic role-playing game of Todd Howard.

YouTuber “undersides” the success of Starfield in 6 million players with the following statements:

“You think I’m joking, but look at yourself. 45% of Xbox players who installed and launched Starfield did not even fulfill the first mandatory mission. The game pushes to go through it, which means that almost half of all the players Xbox did not even leave the first planet. So how many of these “6 million players” actually play?”

Someone in the comments to the post notes that the achievement system is not always punctual in the record of the goals received by players, while others note that you can play even on the first planet for hours without completing the first mission.

So it was obvious, almost half of those who played through Gampass we eliminated without completing the first quest, but entered the same "6 million players". And this is only the first half an hour of the game. If you look further, then cutting off and after 3-6 hours, when the understanding begins what kind of game it is, it is just a collosal.

UPD: In general, a tendency has been gaining experience for a long time to show the popularity of his game through the quantities of time spent by the players inside the game, as the Lariana made how many hours transferred to the years, the players spent in their game. This allows you to give a more objective assessment of the popularity of the game.

Or scored on the plot and flew to conquer other systems.

Pfff, I remember someone exactly this argument used in response to criticism of the game, they say, what can you call the game bad if you played (cleaned the content with a fork) in it hundreds of hours.

Rather, it is an American joke on the topic:

– Joe, why are you called elusive?

– (Joe) because no one needs an fuck.

Or scored on the plot and flew to conquer other systems.

There TP for other systems is not available if the main mission has not passed

They just stand in the elevator and cannot enjoy the stable frame rate and graphics, such a chic project.

The game was especially not expected and there were no expectations, but I get such despondency from the game for the first time, boring, not interesting, I played for several hours and deleted it.

They didn’t go away, because the game has not completely loaded before.)

Even in Folych 2015, enemies scattered into pieces from the rocket launcher. Headshots ruined their heads. Went 2023 and where all this? PPC, I’m scared for TES 6.

Well, there will be like Starfield, only one planet 🙂

They want to hint it – the players liked to live in the game so much, they cannot leave the first planet.

I went through the first mission 10 hours after the start, the second – to fly to the Commonwealth, after 20 🙂 Yes, and now, I scored on the plot and just run and clean the locations. As a relaxation after a working day, the most.

There is very missing transport in the game. Or abilities as in Folych – Fastwriting with overload. When you, loaded with loot, crawl one and a half km back to the ship – this is somewhat tiring.

I eat buffs for weight and throw off the overload to the companion, after a personal atmosphere I run already on a podger with an overload

There, if the abilities will open further according to the plot, one of them is created a lot of oxygen around itself and while it acts oxygen, it is not spent or immediately restored 🙂

The players thought better of it and did not continue to go to harass this

Again, Spencer deceived everyone and! It’s good that I was in the gamest, he blew it in half an hour. This game is not about space, everyone already understands. Take-offs and landings are licked from the mass effect, and the presence and battles allegedly in the Cosmos are battles in space from Starvors Battlfront 2, in which this is 10 times better. And the graphene of 2016 looks at times better than in this craft. And the game among other 2016.

I understand that it is incorrect to compare games of different genres of the same subject, but:
– Even 2003 Freelancer is much more exciting to play even now than this Starfield.
– In No Man Sky, those chips with which the gazebo is poured many times better (the procedural generation of the planets is the same).
– In Elite Dangerous, an atmosphere of an endless universe is better than a billion times better.
– In the recent EVERSPACE 2, the plot with the production is more impressive, but this is not even aaa project.

– Optimization is generally a separate iceberg in the garden of the gazebo. There is not a single fact of an explanatory and excusing iron requirements and such optimization. Graphics – stupid *vno dumb g *VNA. The planets are empty. The game is modular. Why is the game resting against memory speed if with each change of location of the planet-core-planet a new load occurs? What the hell is the game with trash graphics manages to frill 3060 on which projects with much more modern and, sometimes amazing graphics?

– The plot is for a checkmark, someone praises fractional lines, but I did not see anything interesting in them, most of the tasks of the factions: run there, then report, then report, then kill that and t.d, no twests and riddles.

I watched the news of the game with great attention, very much hoped to spend a happy watch in the game as it was with Oblivion and Skyrim, but the spit was not ready for this at all. Despite the old merits, from now on, I hate Bethesda from my heart.
I went to play No Man’s Sky

Probably here with unlucky films to do "mass" A million plays a million in it and friends and friends of friends, but no one plays in it.

Oh, again an excuse, Achiva does not work for this time, they always worked, but here they stopped, and of course you can play 500 hours on the first planet. Those in the game pro "type" space half did not even try to fly. We believe. What else can you tell?