Naruto X Boruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Conneptions is defeated by players in Steam

Naruto X Boruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Connces is subjected. Players do not like what they received, and many call it "DLC" From the previous game. These are sharp words, but it seems that many agree with their justification.

Steam appeared many reviews from players in which they note the problems that, in their opinion, are faced with the game. Many of them agree that the biggest problems are the inability to play with friends at the start and the almost complete absence of changes and new characters.

As for the multiplayer, then, apparently, there is no online user matchmaking match in the game. Some fans considered this "unacceptable", Since recently, one of the main points in the games about Naruto was a multi -user regime. The absence of such an opportunity at the start is a big blow to the community.

Revue-bombing was swift: 672 reviews and mainly negative. Many do not even say that the game is bad, but they advise you to wait until it gets a discount. This means that the matter is not in poor quality, but in the cost of what players receive.

Here is a review that attracted a lot of attention, but all the communities are summarized in it:

Let me briefly tell you about this: it is completely unacceptable to release multiplayer fighting playing in 2023, in which you can not play with friends. History mode – the worst of all the fighting wings Ninja Storm. Only about 10 new characters have been added to the game, not counting the seasonal pass. In fact, the game is DLC for Storm 4. Take care of your money, buy it when it will be on sale for $ 20.

The game was created from pieces of missions taken from all storms starting from 1 to 4 and there is its own plot, as for me, it is filler from the new one is 9-10 characters and it definitely does not cost 3k and 599 rubles

If you want to play the plot of past storms, then they can be bought and the price there will be lower if you take it at a discount

Somehow I don’t care for the multiplayer, what the plot, what arches the game affects and how detailed?

Karoche seems to be everything but shkaltur, but the plot of the plot is much more interesting.

FRASE OF FROM FURT FOVA. In total about 41 fights, only a few of them with bosses and QTE moments. Instead of normal kitszen – anime pictures with a sunbathing voice of the Third Hokage. There are only 8 plot arches (three of which are the fourth world war) and each from 4 to 8 battles, often not even the main ones in this arch.

There at least boss battles from the previous parts are available?

Yes, but alas, they have not taken them little

Hmm, as usual, one moron invented a new word, rhubaur-bombing, and the rest picked up and now they sculpt everywhere wherever possible.

Five -fold overwhelmed feces. It is better to buy a storm trilogy for 300 rubles and play it.
The plot is about nothing. In fact, this is a very brief retelling of Naruto’s history, without many key events and battles. The whole exam for Chunin, for example, is a battle with Kibu and Sasuke VS Gaara. The whole country of the waves is one fight with Haku and Zabuz.
Even the pursuit of Sasuke is a fight with a stupid Kimimaro, there is no battle with Sasuke itself in the completion valley.
Hack. Wasted money spent.

How rarely I write at least something similar to reviews and yet.

I, so to speak, Old of the Nasruto universe, was also played on PS2 for about 4 hours, every weekend, then the series flowed into the prefixes more new and with games of the series and I gamble and I. The masterpiece of the first part came out and went a little to the slope, although the second part was generally no worse, but there was already a tendency in which we approached the 4 -number part of the series to a half -cut game on mechanics and the rest.

And after 7 years, we were announced a new part, by that time the models have already made more than Bandai several times over the years. On November 17, I immediately went to download the game, like not hoping for anything, so I didn’t even buy it and I honestly say it right.

I’ll start in order to feel the new one, firstly, it was possible to glue the moments from the first storm, but there were expectations that there would be battles on the walls and in ultimatics will press the buttons to avoid complete damage or a critical nanosa, as you understand the back of the ze Ruts did not happen. We decided to go through the company, it was terrible, I remember what emotions and battles were in all these games, the boss of the battles was a chip of campaigns in the license plates, here it was a regular battle with blanks, but at least 8 bossfites were transferred from other parts , although this is not reformatting all parts of the series into one, it is just copying and inserted, the QTE and TD graphics are completely cut out of past parts and are simply inserted there, pay attention if you still play this likeness of the campaign. After almost every battle with a blank, you will be shown pictures from the history of Naruto, just SKIP, this will not even really acquaint new players, which many refer to. Between the pieces of the campaign, periodic skips of 20-30 episodes, which obviously does not give a dive of history.

Interprinting conclusion, history and campaign are made by 1 out of 10, the point can be thrown only because the new mechanics of two jutsu, these guys were all the same into the campaign, nor with the fact that they copied and inserted.

Well, we sat for 2 hours, went through the campaign and decided to let’s go through the special story, well, there should be at least something. We go, we also fight several battles with blanks and after 50 minutes of the game we will never guess where, again to go through the whole campaign again so that we allegedly collect the memories of Naruto, it was e *** b, what p **** c. You sit spending 2 hours, and if someone else reads, then much more, on the campaign and all the battles, and then immediately pass them again, without the ability to discard this shit. After 16 battles and a bunch of inserts, we finally go further and meet a rather miserable story in its composure and, as it was already awarded in Boruto, we defeat the enemy on the head stronger than us and the main characters of the last part of the anime, Boruto Hero.

And so interdimensional conclusion 2. What did this campaign give to us, a little non -canonical Laura Naruto, rather weak by the standards of the previous units, the Fight boss and 2 playable locations for free battles and battles over the network, playable Persians from this plot were not brought to us. Let it be 2 out of 10, all the same, they tried, although it was an excess of the campaign, there was still a torment.

Having well flew into a free battle with Brother, they decided to test the most important thing, new heroes, they brought them to the game for Ful Price a little more than N ***. Some Persians simply twisted a couple of new abyks (for example, Sarada or Mitsuki), full -fledged new characters 9 or 10 for almost Full Price, but you can buy a poorly set the game, but you want everything that.

Interprinted conclusion No. 3. 1 out of 10, the game makes sense to buy only for the sake of online, which will certainly flow into this poor game and if you are still interested in 5 heroes from Boruto or 6.

I saw a lot of reviews that the game has become better and the arguments attracted by the ears, but in general, for 6 k or 4k, depending on whether you want new 5 heroes or want a storm 4, but not for 1200, but for 3600, because nothing changes from the point of view of the characters in comparison with the storm 4.

The result for 8 years of the absence of games in the universe and the price of 3600 – 6000, we get an indistinct campaign cut in every sense, 5 characters and then, only for a version of 5 thousand, no sensible changes from the point of view of a mechanic or anything related With the battle, from the point of view of the wining, the campaign is not particularly interesting, which with a common account does not give a player and most likely a bunch of DLS, which will pump out 1000 or 1500 from us for every 3-4 Persians or costumes and customization items.