Sales of the Grand Theft Auto series decreased by $ 300 million in 23 financial year

According to the recent Take-Two financial report, the income of the Grand Theft Auto franchise has decreased significantly this year. In the 2023 fourth year, the series earned $ 781 million, which is 300 million dollars less than last year. However, even despite such a significant decrease in gross income, 2023 The financial year still became the third largest annual franchise after the GTA V exit.

In the 2023 financial year, the pure income of the American company from console games decreased by $ 225.1 million, mainly due to the Grand Theft Auto franchise. As mentioned earlier, this year GTA brought $ 302.6 million less than gross income compared to the 2022 financial year in which it earned $ 1.083 billion.

Consequently, Take-Two income from sales on a PC, physical retail trade full of games and other channels this year has significantly reduced. For example, income from console games amounted to only 43.1% of the total income of the company compared to 72.2% last year. Of course, Borderlands brought $ 70 million less than income in 2023 fifteen years, but the main contribution made a decrease in revenue from the GTA franchise.

In addition, the absence of new content for the series is also called one of the main factors of a small Take-Two income outside the United States. Rockstar released only the Los Santos: Drug Wars update" for Grand Theft Auto V this year. If we compare this with numerous content updates and the GTA Trilogy remaster, which the franchise received in 2022 financial year, then such a decrease begins to gain meaning.

Therefore, Take-Two is likely to make every effort so that Grand Theft Auto 6 is released on time. There is only a small proposal about the upcoming game in this report, which mentions that Rockstar is actively developing the game. However, the documents say that more detailed information will be provided over time, which, as we hope, will happen sooner than later.