Remedy reboots the development of Kestrel (previously Project Vanguard), premium game with a component of the cooperative mode

Remedy Entertainment has announced the restart of its cooperative free multiplayer gaming project under the code name Project Vanguard, which will now be known as the Project Kestrel and will be developed as “premium game with a strong cooperative multiplayer component“.

In December 2021, Remedy entered into a partnership with Tencent, having provided financing to develop her project. However, given the unstable nature of the Free-to-Play market and its frequent changes, both sides revised their assessment and consider a new direction for Kestrel.

Having reached the stage of verification of the concept, Remedy and Tencent spent the necessary time assessing the status of the project and decided about the following steps, moving to the early stage of developing the concept.

“Part of the former Vanguard developers team will move on to work on other current Remedy projects, while the main leadership and selected Kestrel developers team will focus on the new direction of the project, starting from the concept stage and further to create a premium game with a strong cooperative multiplayer. component, ”the Remedy statement said for shareholders this morning.

“The new experience will rely on the main strengths of Remedy and will be built on many functions, resources and topics already developed for Vanguard. We have achieved great success in developing a free and multi -user game in Vanguard. After long thorough thoughts, we believe that the choice of a new direction in which the game will be more built around the main competencies of Remedy is the right path. We create another special Remedy game with the constant support of Tencent in creating an excellent joint multiplayer experience, ”said Tero Virtala, General Director of Remedy Entertainment.