During the development of the first The Witcher, Sapkovsky wrote a stinging letter to the creators and they added it to the game

The first Witcher is currently slightly underestimated and unjustified by the attention of the players. On the one hand, this can be understood – Assassins of Kings and Wild Hunt were created in such a way that knowledge "First" not necessary. However, on the other hand, Geralt’s gaming debut from Rivia offers an excellent storyline, which should get to know each other better.

The game production process was no less interesting. The public is widely known about more or less known curses. However, there are also those about which the average gamer is not even aware. Arthur Ganshinets spoke about some of them, with whom Polish journalists had the opportunity to talk.

One of the interesting facts was that in the first part there are excerpts from the stinging letter of Andrzei Sapkovsky to developers from the CD Projekt RED studio:

Andrzej Sapkovsky came at the end of production, looked at the game and said that it looks good. He did not participate in the creative process anymore, because he was also uninteresting to him. He had a completely sound approach to things – he knew that he could write books, but he did not deal with films or games, so what to advise here. We consulted with him about such things as a card and system for naming characters. We sent him a list of such names and received a rather sharp answer, from which it was clear that he did not like the names. As is usually the case with Sapkovsky, it was a language full of complex expressions, sharp and stinging. Of course, we swallowed this "Pill", changed the names of many characters. But the manner of writing was quite characteristic, and we decided to add part of it to the game. The game has an object that you can find in the third act and there you can find a couple of quotes from the letter of Sapkovsky. But this was the only influence of Andrzei Sapkovsky on the production.

According to other prompts, journalists found this subject and this "Professor’s report" – The letter that players find in the third act after meeting with Kikimora-Korolevoy. The content of this report was the following:

Unfortunately, I have to doubt the benefits of our Alliance with Princess Ada. This slut is incredibly spoiled and convincing it of something extremely difficult. She did not even manage to correctly introduce a state of emergency, and her characteristic ridiculous falsifications led a witcher to her. We support the adds in her illusions and do not refuse our words. However, since the Voltest is already returning in the near future, it is time for us to move to the second part of the plan. The problem with Geralt from Rivia will be resolved, I think, by itself quickly and radically. However, I insist that you stop calling him a bitch son. This term in application to a witcher is extremely inaccurate, inappropriate, not to mention what is primitive to the impossibility. The substances we received, as expected, allow us to control the kikimore and their queen. At least, at least the laboratory functions in full force, successfully using the secrets of Caher Morhen.

Of course, you might think that the creators simply tried to copy the author’s style – perhaps, drawing inspiration from "Hours of contempt" – but it turns out that behind this specific document is more.