If not for crowdfunding, Josh Soyer would have preferred Pillars of Eternity to be step

Josh Soyer is well known to fans of role -playing games. Not so long ago, he served as director of Pentiment, but managed to work on other famous franchises, including Pillars of Eternity and Fallout: New Vegas.

In the past, Soyer repeatedly expressed his dissatisfaction with Pillars of Eternity, the creation of which he eventually took up. And although the developer would love to create a completely different game, he had to follow the fans who wanted to get CRPG in real time, as it was a crowdfunding project.

In a recent conversation with the TouCharcade portal, Soyer said that if he had complete freedom of action, he would prefer to make Pillars of Eternity step by step in the style of Larian Studios.

I am very pleased with Pillars and Deadfire, but I think if not for crowdfunding, most likely I would have made them step by step. I am not saying that you do not need to pause in real time, but I think that the step -by -step system Deadfire, which I cannot attribute to myself, as it was made by Nick Carver and Brian Macintosh, was really cool. But the game itself was not designed for this, so to develop a step -by -step game with fewer battles, but much more tactical, I think it would be very fun, and it would have amazing cinematographic effects and everything else. It would be great.

As for the possible Pillars of Eternity 3? Soyer says that if he once has a budget at the level of Baldur’s Gate 3, then he, of course, will not refuse to create a continuation of the franchise.

I think that if I really had an unlimited budget, then I would try to make Pillars 3, because I know what budget DEADFire had, and this is not so much, and I heard from some people what budget had Baldur’s budget Gate 3, and I’m not going to talk about numbers, but if I have such a budget, then, of course, I will make pillars 3.

As for the future Pentiment, he is not going to completely exclude the possibility of continuing, but the director believes that he already said about what he wanted, in the first game, and was pleased with the result.

I don’t think I would make Pentiment 2. I am really very pleased with this game. It’s not that I never wanted to do it again, she just just went out, maybe I would have waited for a while.