Game Lady Studio is creating a sex doll in the ady wong from Resident Evil 4 – the price can cause shock

The creation of various figures of key heroines from the Resident Evil series has not caused any surprise for a long time, but Game Lady Studio decided to go further. This studio introduced the world a full-sized sex doll in the form of a notorious Ada Wong with a height of 166 cm. According to the creators, it will be from high -quality materials: realistic hair, skin from special silicone materials, as well as moving parts of the body and even eyes.

As already noted in the heading, the cost of such a purchase can shock someone. Behind "Complete completion" ADI Wong Game Lady Studio asks for 236 thousand rubles. For those who are still interested, we notice that the release is scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year.

It is much cheaper than maintaining relationships with a living doll

Price for hell https: // Game- Lady-dolls.COM/Product/Game-Lady-Dolls-AADA-166CM/. And here is Jill Valentine Special for You https: // Game-Lady-Dolls.COM/Product/Game-Lady-Dolls-168CM-A-JILL-VALENTINE/ .You can organize a fundraising and then show all this on Stream)))) and live.Probably Tonya will be very angry))).

It depends on you, some manage not to spend a dime on a living

If you speak in this vein, then some live at the expense of living. But can this be called life?

Categorically welcome, resident titanium))

More cheaper to masturbate

In general, this is not relevant, you need a doll in the form of a bear.

If you chase relevance, then no money is enough to make anime waif. And no one will buy them yet, because the ANIME does not have a lot of money from the anime.

ANIME and brains have no, what money could be.

Of course, I am not a connoisseur, but it seems like plus or minus decent dolls from 100-150k go, so it is unlikely that such a price is shocking someone. She is even in part, given the branding and so on.
Now, if they would have been broken down or even half a lumber – then yes, it would cause questions.

When an Androids are already in Detroit Become Human

Then, when the institution of the family will be destroyed before the foundation

In the West is already practically destroyed

In the United States, definitely but not in Germany and France there was still hope

Better as in a run -in a blade 2049

For 236 thousand I better take a cool system

mediocre – possibly) there one vidyuh of the norms will cost 140)

Not 140, already 180-190 for normal 4090.

Especially. What is there for 230 top -end you can collect – figs know it

4090 She is tender in our world where the games are neoptimized

If 4090 is normal, then how good? I don’t even ask about the best.

There is no reason to condemn people who love dolls. You will see what horror stories most men live with. it makes no difference what to shake in. then the doll is cooler than the living logs at times in all respects.

Plus – your doll, and the woman is common..

There are seriously no reasons? Yes, puppet-lobe is one hundred percent shoses with problems in socialization and psycho. deviations. Then when LGBT is crap somewhere around everything rejoice, but here the problem is no better, and all the norms. Spell the subject when there are so many beautiful, self -sufficient girls around (who even work to imagine and they have prosperity). Who writes that a lot of money on Ril Cyl leaves, you gave them an iPhone with a diamond necklace every day? What are the expenses, the fact that you will not order 700 for two in Kefas, but for 1200, flowers 1000, some palette for 1000? No better a pile for 100k and a fetish bite to buy. Minker, but this is the PSDC

LGBT, blm and others "Activists", disfigure any industry with their agenda, quotas and other garbage. Puppeteers with them are not compared.

What does the industry have to do with it. I am generally that this is all schizophazia. But if in the context of the news on the Pegache, then I agree.

Two sides of the same glass coin, with the same problems and consequences of both personal and industrial.

If you do not have money for gifts, then for the shooting of more or less normal tin, you must be a swing, and masterfully hang noodles on your ears.
And if neither one nor the other, then your limit is a second-rate shabby women, and even with whims and tantrums in addition. IMHO, it is better to be alone than such "Shark".

Well, yes, it is now difficult to build normal relations, the people will be lured into dolls, it’s easier there.

This is the Chinese tell me where there are 200 people more than women), well, at least it was.
Plus the doll is cheaper. Elementary to drink does not ask for.

Simpler, safer and cheaper. I’m almost falling into a hysteria when I remember how much money for my life I diluted on a relationship that I could personally spend on myself. Years have passed, no one will compensate for finances and time. I reassure myself only by the fact that I did not get married and there are no children – otherwise a couple "Lucky" who are already paying child support, I already know. So, I haven’t gotten around my ears yet.

Erotic merch is also insanity, but everyone goes crazy in their own way.

Maybe someone dreamed of Ada Wong))))))

Nothing is difficult, get distracted from the games and learn to think not only about yourself.

And once will not refuse

Where to buy it. It is a masterpiece. I’m already starting to save money for her

So everyone understands that this is an ordinary Japanese doll dressed under hell Wong. Japanese have long been living with such dolls

Don’t think.
I doubt that such a doll can move. Therefore, this is just a bag of silicone and heated.

I don’t think it’s a bag. Realism as a real person, especially in the evening in the twilight, all the puppet disappears. By the way, heating is not needed, elastomer PP or cybercroke gradually take body temperature, after 5 minutes. Of course, she will not move, she will have to move her, but she has all the joints like a real person

Let them do a robot right away, do not talk with a doll

And then the neck will turn this buyer. )

You apparently did not understand, but something else needs to be done with her mouth.

And she also eats in him

Buy her dress and stockings.

And glue for a broken hand.

And the doll will be true to you,

And the doll will be your wife.

Who does not know this song, I advise you to find)!

You can always break anything

Well, sex doll is of course interesting, but better sex robot)))

Better as in a run -in a blade 2049

And you won’t argue) but she is not tangible there, but if you can buy her body then, then it would be super !!

In the future there will be such

By the way, if it were possible this block of AI with a neural network to such a transplant would be cool, maybe in the future they will come up with

It’s cheaper and more interesting to buy Zhigu Aka "GDE Porogi",Welding semiautomatic device with a cylinder and a compressor with a painting gun, and a box of keys, heads.

I assure you.How much cupcake and. Techno -Lubby..You will not have any silicone doll in three pieces of bucks.Plus with a doll you will not learn anything.And with Zhigiga – auto repair, welding, painting.

And who prevents you from studying with Zhiga during the day, and in the evening with a doll. For example, I “have” two Japanese women, I managed to make a tan of Evik from my Lancer, who is being finalized, and in the evening my Japanese woman inspires me at home, I also gathered a powerful computer with a 4K monitor, everything is solved

Well, at the moment, it is only bothering me that I had everything.And Zhiga and not Zhiga, I took the Zhiga with a specialist under the groove, did not have time, I also engaged in other cars, in fact, I almost described myself, my garage, the sea of ​​the instrument, all the type of top.The house was completed.But, due to circumstances beyond my control – everything was covered with a copper basin.Our song is good – start first.But just now, it’s not particularly accelerated to get to your feet.We have a game of squid.

And about the second half with which you want to spend your whole life right.I one forbids combining pleasant with useful.And here is the doll. Well, tastes and color – Flomasters are different.Who needs it – he will buy.Demand gives birth to a proposal.

My two beauties

Everything is better and cheaper than “miracle” with pumped lips

Well, there is either a doll for 200k rubles or a dumb 3.14 post that will constantly pull money from my pocket and drip on my nerves, it seems to me that the choice is obvious

And Lady Dmitrescu has a doll?)

3 meters at the withers? In full growth in a standard apartment will not get up. And subject to all proportions in physiological terms, you can get there all there.

Ahahah "Mom, take me back"

Let’s go at once at once, what to trifle.

Android, then. Cyborg is an ordinary person with implants. For example with an artificial eye or hand.

No, it will not go, then buy them sheep – electronic. And as an implant, the brain is quite suitable: so that the brains do not soar.

But you will not buy cyborg, t.To. This is a human being, and android is more likely a thing. Well, at least, as long as someone will not think of giving the right.

Depending on where to buy, no one canceled slavery, although it is not recognized. And you can buy everything, there would be money. But these are already questions: law, ethics, politicians.

There will be soon, after all, the neural network appeared, there will be dolls with a neural network, you can talk to them, the Japanese will come up with

As far as I remember, some people even get married on these dolls, their price as they said, from $ 1000-5000, even the creation of the face, the shape of the chest, etc.D. In general, you can order for every taste, by photography, description. And attributes dress, stockings, etc.D. You already buy yourself separately. Well, you can even earn extra money on fans, ordered a sex doll for $ 1000 with the face of Ada Wong, bought a similar dress and then sold $ 5,000 for some fan of the game that did not hear about such sex dolls)))

And some lose their loved one, they can’t just part with him and make a copy of the doll, but this. It’s easier to just buy a doll that I liked and live with it, by the way, there is no effect of the “ominous valley”, but you need to take care of them, wash once a month and treat it more often with starch, this applies from PCs and especially from cybercoa, silicone, but silicone, but it is not necessary, but silicone, but silicone. They are very expensive, and it is a pleasure to live with such a pleasure, is silent, does not ask for money, my head never hurts and it always is nearby

I just sewed the game of the face of the wrong doll looks like a game (((

Here they will not read it. You write to their site

And someone buys it.

Expensive. Such pleasures should be more affordable. The more such dolls, the fewer fools will multiply.

You can take normal for 100

There are daughters Demitress? A friend asks

damn I would buy it cost 30k rubles at least

For thirty she will take out the brain and leave you

it depends on growth here, for 30k they are small as children. Here it smacks of wrong. Normal with growth of 140 cm, I managed to take my 165 cm for 75k before the sanctions

And the rifle includes?

They made a doll of an ordinary Asian, put on a damage to it and called Ada – you can raise the price 10 times.

The above has already considered that the price is slightly higher than ordinary models.

Where and who is it "I counted"?

Doomshfatt, a few comments above.

Ahaha, yeah, authoritative "count".

You have other data? I saw somewhere like 25, or 100k wooden dolls?

Puppet games))

For such a price there should be an option for automation of the working holes.

TPE or cyberc? I will have better, from cyberc, sensations even better than from natural, only once a month you need to wash it and treat it regularly with corn starch as necessary, so that the skin is velvety, and all the norms, there are a lot of advantages: it is always waiting at home, always awaits at home Silent, does not eat, does not sleep, does not ask for money, and she never has a headache

And it will never affect you "Good morning, I cooked pancakes there"

Your advantages can be advantages for you, but even a terrible girl in bed will be more pleasant for me than a doll, because you can turn off the light and it feels good. Plus female ohi, moans – this is a huge contribution to the creation of an intimate environment, your excitement. Doll is a doll – soulless item.

Cool, glad for you.

Slowly, progress solves these problems, there they seem to begin to make speakers, but soon they can walk, cook and learn to clean the house)

Nothing terrible girl is more pleasant, she’s terrible! And with the light turned off, nothing is visible and not convenient.

Well, about the terrible it is exaggerated. And about the turned off the light and the inconvenience. You definitely had sex earlier? Everything is so convenient for me. So to speak, there are many years of experience both in the light and without. And no inconvenience was noticed. You can’t get into the hole in the dark?

In the dark, probably only shynesses fuck

If I had such a doll, I couldn’t get married)

Price norms, given how much you can save on a real tank

I wonder how they are done? They take the shape for casting (a girl 168 cm, bald and shaved with an invoice, glued to the desired size of the chest and other also glued parts of the body (priest, press, biceps, . )). They are laid (most likely it stands at full height) and poured with silicone, and then a taxidermist and plastic surgeons with a gynecologist (O_O) work.

And then you think about it you?

There is a lot of information about this on the Internet, well, something like this https: // m.Fishki.NET/2539779-Fabrika-Eks-Kukol-Vzgljad -iznutri.HTML

I never think that mine is inside, for me she is already like a real person, in a year of life with her you will not think about it

Yes, I have a girl less than this figure. 166 cm. Where to put her at home. What kind of luxury. Whatever the child is amused.

You can not put it anywhere, let it lie in bed or sits. Each time to carry 50 kg of metal with silicone is still a pleasure, there is enough to wear it once a month and back to the bathroom

I would order this for myself https: // Game-Lady-dolls.COM/Product/Gaming-Doll-Triss-Merigold-168CM-Fair-Lady-17/Triss

Not bad, I live with this https: // sexshopkazanova.RU/Realistichnaya-Eks-Kukla-Margo-165-SM

I managed to take it before the sanctions for 75 tr tr

And we need it

I will take.Give two.Otherwise the guys will tear one per night in a position

Not a site about the game has become, but about the jerkish every day

Shut up and take my money. Lenochka is the same?

The doll looks amazing. And the price is unlikely to cause shock. After all, the price of similar dolls begins about 120 k and above

There was already the same post here, they demolished the campaign, and this one will be demolished

Let’s say, under certain conditions, I would buy

Just when you are saturated with girls and you will understand that 90% of them put grandmothers in you with a priority. Then you look at the new. I personally know (at work) of very rich people. And all of them or buy. Or leasing. That is, in fact, they are the same sex dolls only alive.

The availability of money does not mean the presence of developed communicative abilities, if a person constantly meets with girls who put money for themselves – this only means that girls who have a priority put money to him statistically. It does not follow from this thesis that 90% of girls put money with their priority, just in the case of large numbers (and for a second on the ground only 3.9 billion women) a chance to meet a person who puts material benefits in the first place (we will not be honest and who is not there?) not zero.

It is useless to explain it to people who have 90% of women love grandmas.

You saw what you wrote.Without developed communicative abilities – you will not earn money . And this is an axiom. If you don’t know how to negotiate or agree, then you can’t see money. Unless of course you suck oil from the ground.

Rich people clearly set that they want what they need and their conditions. And only pumped guys in communication are capable of this.

3.9 billion women – beautifully wrote. There is only a huge mistake – in your equation.

We remove from this figure. Children, that is, up to 18 (without pedophilia) and all women after 30 – to 116 years old (without gearantophilia and lovers of juicy women) (Maria Branyas Sawri on March 4, 1907 is 116 years old 128 days). Crippled. And also just gray mice

That is, in brief without children and old women and disabled people and deadly sick and gray mice. I hope at least 1 million (although this is also a figure from the ceiling) and will scrape away really beautiful girls (((((I would like more.

Although you can calculate – starting from fashion models, ending porn models

That’s how to calculate then and write the numbers

But let’s get in the place of the girl. She needs to give birth to raise children – to feed on to treat to teach. It’s all worth the money.

P.With if you think that I desecrate girls. This is you in vain. To some extent, it is just as difficult (perhaps even heavier) is his harsh mother – reality !

So yes 90% of girls are looking for a person who can feed the family (that is, with money or the ability to earn it). We have less and less free benefits in our world

Artificial intelligence would be in my hearts

The basis is already there, after 2-3 years, the Japanese will come up with, then we will appear, there will be a small AI of the voice assistant with a microphone and neural network, you just attach it to the doll and you will be an interlocutor. But they take it not because of this, when even a big plus is constantly silent, the main thing is that always nearby and sensations

hell is more beautiful so!) there is some kind of garbage!)

I take it! Wrap a couple. One for a friend.

The game shit turned out so they decided to entertain the players and distract from the shitty and processed game.

240k shocking is expensive? If you think this is expensive, then look at the reviews of the shmot in Moscow, that’s where the shock is really, the freaks of 300k per backpack Verodsky are given, and then a whole doll in 166cm growth.

I bought my own for 75k with a 50% discount, from cybercoli, it is very high quality, from 200k there are silicone, though they have more photographic facial features, but they feel worse than TPE and the more than from cybercy, the only minus is that the only care is needed very careful, but it’s worth it

Why smear the tits-cords ? Here on the site is a lot of pictures of censorship.

On the seller’s website, they were initially superimposed

And this is Rili nonsense, you need to see the product as it is. Suddenly he will really come with these white inserts that cannot be torn off. Sell ​​a prototype of a naked woman, and here is such hypocrisy

Those who marry it will be interesting: D

Tits hang, lean thighs.

But there is full – where it shoots from zombies?

100,000 hours can be lively.

Live will be cheaper – and income from the brand, and on the farm, and for the farm, will come in handy .

It is unlikely. You will give a lot to the living, and this is not only money, but also free time, nerves, and t.D.

You still find one that you can as you want and when you want to dial, and not just in the first couple of months)))

logical) They know a lot about how to attract an audience and a lot of money 🙂

100% disclosure of the topic, with calculations of in -depth analysis. Immediately visible, pulls on a doctoral.

not so expensive for a full -fledged doll with which you can play

I read the news and directly takes pride in the progress of mankind, we do not stand still. In general, the face is not very similar.

Found an online store where they are sold.. And there they have heroines from different games/anime and any other. And they all stand the same. What is the emphasis on at hell Wong?

Well, so it has recently turned out, while by ear), but in general, the hell is just a top of a tink))

Belief doll would be more relevant

what humanity is doing to be a ray would come up with a cancer vaccine

And you are not part of humanity? Well, think of the vaccine then, and do not do nonsense sitting here.

Gitelman has a similar doll

If I sell all my PCs and report 30k, I can buy it)

Well, not so expensive, I thought it would be more expensive

dedication of money from the target audience. There is a place to be. Consumer – not mammoth.

Well, at least the Sheri doll from the Resident Evil 2 and the Sarah doll from The Last of US 1 has not yet been done.

And there is Ashley doll?

Here the water was poured in the comments! Still simple – "each other *** t how he wants". Like, take it, no – pass by =)

"The price can cause shock". In the meantime, the price is 2 times lower than the top computer.

And Ashley? I would still take the classic Ashley.

For such detail and size, this is not expensive: the top sex dolls of Real Doll, which are made with any external data for an individual order about 23.000 dollars, which at the modern rate exceeds the price of 236 thousand. rub. 10 times.

Fuck hell for a new skoda or fret)))))))))))))))))

Such a toy after a year of use. Lose in quality)

It depends on how you will take care of her, if it is regularly washed and processed with starch and in 2 years it will be as new, verified

Today dolls, tomorrow Androids are full -fledged with AI.

Not without it, it is better with the neural network to self -learn

Dear disposable handjob.

Interesting, this is still relevant? Otherwise I would have entered into their puppet business for such and such an estuary, lol)

Well, use for a year to pay off)

If you hand it over?

For 236 thousand, my sister will masturbate in the currents of the year

Or you can equip a dunge in the basement and fuck it at least every day. All the same, they have already reached the incest, you can continue "to the whole coil", How Alabam was bequeathed))))

If anything – I am extremely condemning and calling for nothing, this is generally a joke.

You’ll throw off your sister’s contact?

Feast of perverts of the xxx doll Wong you need to work out the entire list, including the jill and Claire doll for the overall picture of the whores of the resident.

Apparently, more than 90% of the forum users are not married, but what are not married there, the girl was never kissed on the cheek. This is noticeable in reaction. As soon as they have regular sex, the worldview will change dramatically.

You stay there, don’t give up.

I have been married for five years;)

Well, for the hell is it needed? It’s not about the money. She gave up on the hell?

It is obvious for what, to cut her, which is not clear then?))) Not everyone has the opportunity and the desire to have girls/wives/women, the necessary to emphasize)

What a garbage people suffer. For 236 thousand you can try a dozen real girls, or several at once, although the price will be higher. But these emotions will not forget, but after the doll. Well, probably a person will feel miserable.

Well, what are the emotions with dirty.Hami

And you pay for a doll once and use it for a long time, will not change you, will not soar the brains, let your zp shopping too)

I will say how I have an expert in sex dolls, I was not one. With current young ladies, not everything is as simple as it seems. Real relationships have a lot of minuses – and there are very few advantages. just no need to say the wrong one met, and the so on – my work with girls is connected, that is, 99% are young juicy sexy girls. So in the trends of girls. Their guys were very surprised if they found out that in reality their girls are discussing. For myself, I personally understood one thing – for the most part they need a tyrant who controls them and dominates in every possible way and of course fear (not related to violence). They feed on emotions and the brighter they are the girl more dependent. But in general, it passes and begins to. would be corns.

Everything is easier with dolls. I came to fuck at least in the ass at least in the pussy. I have a fetish in a gesture – I buy her different linen dresses))) Each time, removing from her, as it were, a sexual desire, on the contrary, only warms up. And most importantly – there are no corrals, menstruation, expenses, communication with relatives, diseases, veins of diseases, and a whole bunch of things.

Do I have a girlfriend – yes I have and live in a place and she knows about the doll – she even manages to be jealous of her.

You can think at least . The main thing is that I am comfortable. And those who want to try to try the main thing take a full size of 45 kg with your hands out – because if you put the cancer so that your fingers do not deform the wire and it breaks away – yes it is heavy and it is unrealistic to lift your fizuh – plus the experience of the heifers only So you will twist in bed.

So in the trends of girls. Their guys were very surprised if they found out that in reality their girls are discussing. For myself, I personally understood one thing – for the most part they need a tyrant who controls them and dominates in every possible way

Well, nonsense. Just don’t behave like a rag and that’s it. These are not trends and no tyranny, it was always so that our fathers, that grandfathers and great -grandfathers. Women do not digest weakness, uncertainty and grimacing, although they themselves cannot explain this clearly. What for the girl a aching moron, who is not to connect the two words with the condition ? If you are morally weak and there is no inner rod and self -esteem – then walk, nothing shines for you. Yes, this and the doll will refuse if you teach it to speak.
Women of the creature are quite illogical, but if you understand this, you will learn this psychology, then everything will be more or less normally. It will not be successful with everyone, but and to hell with them – failure is your experience (you just do not need to initially count on something like that, but if yes – then let’s see). Well, yes, there are difficulties and brainwashing in relationships, but so this is a living person, without it in any way.
And usually everyone succeeds, and without much difficulty and costs. And if you start to drive, look for self -justification – you will finish the fact that you will fuck expensive plastic. Nafig to live like that ?

Do I have a girlfriend – yes I have and live in a place and she knows about the doll – she even manages to be jealous of her.

If this is true, then it crosses all the above described. What a tyrant, what domination if a girl can find some miserable puppet– ? (Mat is prohibited, so I will call you Dollfucker)