TGS 2023 will be broadcast dedicated to the second anniversary of Tales of Arise and fresh news about the series

Bandai Namco announced that as part of the Tokyo Game Show 2023 exhibition, which will begin on September 21, a broadcast dedicated to the second anniversary of Tales of Arise.

In this regard, the following statement was made:

September 9, 2023 Tales of Arise will celebrate the second anniversary of its exit. Together with the players, we will look at the past two years and present you the latest information about the Tales of series.

Additional information can be found on the official website.

Tales of Arise is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC.

Maybe a new part is announced.

Most likely not, but I would like.

What is Tales of Arize, this is when you have already reached the final and think that it was cool and then it turns out this is only the beginning and it becomes even cooler, in truth, one of the best parts

I hope for good news. I love the series very much.

The game turned out to be beautiful. I want a new part and quickly)

Beautiful world, where I do not want to go out. Cool fighting, convenient interface. Heroes -which I want to put on a shelf. Of course we are waiting for new products.

Berserie was a fire. I don’t understand why they don’t give this.. Arisa Dull PPC

She is nothing dull, the fighting and locations are definitely better berseria.

The battleship is not much different in essence, but there are general improvements this is a newer game, but they are practically insignificant.
Locations of the same guts as in Berseria, but textures are better, but plot places are not out of 2000, from 2005.
Of course it is better in some points, but the macation is just a funny improvement.

And if Berserie took the Persians and the plot, then the plot in Arisa was degraded to the level "kindergarten", Like the characters, I got to the second bos and just threw it .. such a rotten, the characters are dull, the plot is even worse.

Yes, in general, the fighting is much deeper, if you delve into it, and the locations are not close to it, they are much larger in ARISE, the design of levels is much better, due to which they are not deserted fields from textures. Characters, if not better, then no worse, plot turns are much larger and they are even cooler. The main plus of Berseria is only that this is one of the few games where the gg is essentially an antagonist, except for Pillars of Eternity and Shadow of the Colossus, I don’t remember the antagonists now, the final is also a plus to name the bad ends of Zadolbali much more good.

You are blind?
The fighting is deep. It is written above that it is the same as in Berseria only slightly improved, what kind of game you carry?

Locations are not intestines? What are you saying, there is a gut, gut, 2 intestines intertwined, and only at the end of the first act you are released on one single large location, which is essentially unilateral in itself, and then again the intestines when storming to Bos.

The design of levels is better and they are not deserted, you were thumping there to write this? 99% of objects with which it is possible to interact either objects in the form of a radiant point or enemies – which are essentially the same point, only with the texture and moves, because they are transferred to the arena in the end.
and only 1% are really some usable elements.
Of course, the new game visually looks better than the old one, it contains a corny color, gamma and clarity in modern – between them 5 years of difference.
Although in comparison with other games, Arisa for 21 years looks like mobile shit.

In Berseria, GG Antononist? You generally know the English language? Go look in the dictionary what the word antagonist means.

About the same fighter is written above, and above this is where, in the personal opinion of the one who threw Arise at the beginning of the game, is very informative. Corridor locations only in plot moments and some locations, 80% of locations, these are quite sane fields. Moreover, there is generally interaction with objects and the design of locations, it is not clear, it was about an artistic style that did not make locations empty. Yes, in Berseria GG Anti-Hero, “niches”, although, if you do not run headlong, then this becomes clear almost in the first third of the game.

I don’t understand why people generally write comments, where almost all of the complete nonsense, if in this case, I didn’t really have a chance to play any game, then it’s easier not to write anything, but what is I talking about, this is PG.

The game is cool, but it is clearly not worth 3.5k wooden

She was not worth 3.5k on a PC, except for a full edition and that seemed to be 2.7k.

I also hope for a new part.Like the Code Vein sequel.

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