Undispted boxing simulator will receive a career mode this fall

Steel City Interactive reported that the career mode will appear in undisputed this fall at a stage of early access in Steam. Players will be able to create their own character and go their way to greatness, challenging formidable opponents, which include such legendary boxers as Canelo Alvarez, Tyson Fury, Alexander Usik, Katie Taylor, Shugar Ray Rabinson and many others.

As for the career regime in early access, after the full version of the game it will be expanded, they promise additional functions and an improved gameplay process.

Career regime:

  • Create your own boxer – a man or a woman – set your fighter from a hairstyle to body weight (which determines your weight category), clothing and battle style.
  • Create your team. Build your future. Gather around your fighter the best team of managers, installers and coaches to progress and develop their skills, earn money, glory, proximity and experience as they move along the service ladder.
  • Think your way to success. Choose opponents you want to fight, and which should be avoided. Conclude battle contracts to earn as many awards as possible.
  • Action in the ring with an innovative, dynamic system of tips of the coach
  • Training camps. Hit your skills in combat camps, where your choice of training (survivability, speed of movement, health, protection …) will determine your strategy against the next enemy. And do not forget about the possibility of using the media to increase your fame.
  • Choose your path to glory. Set your own goals and define your own success history. Win all belts, including WBO, WBC, IBF and SCI? Retire with the largest number of fans and/or wealth? The choice is yours.

At least some sense in this game will appear. Otherwise I somehow bought it, I tried to find an opponent on the network for half an hour, I did not find anyone and refund

Went on, for the fast output UFC. And they decided to do at least something in their underlying! Instead of corrections, a mechanic, adding them, add all sorts of homeless boxers.

I purchased this game in Steam, lay in the desired for a couple of years, the trailers looked cool, and there were no analogues on the PC completely! In general, what can I say – I had to play 32 minutes to understand that it was extremely raw and to put it mildly such a project, although I like boxing. I like it, I want to break the combination, the Persian is so slow, even really the left left right does not beat how it is It should be (the same two beats – more than once, in a series, but just as single blows more), just such a moment, there was a VR – Oculus Quest 2 (sold – to play in 6 months) :), so played in Thrill Of the fight, an extremely cool thing, especially in physics, I recommend!) Yes, I think who had VR, they tried this thing, so what I am for, I think that after VR – where your movements are all repeated 1 in 1, speed, all, no ordinary game can compare, and the game is still extremely cheese , they also slapped Denuvo)) Tin of course) made a return of funds, realizing that it was still far from the finish, if the physicist was more successful, movements, so that it would be interesting to stick, I could still leave it, but not) thanks) ) I think the career will not correct anything)) if everything remains at the same level (acquired 02.02.2023)