“Waiting for it is worth it: one of the main characters GTA 5 commented on the announcement of the next part

This month official news about the next part of Grand Theft Auto, a franchise, which is known for its open worlds. The developers from Rockstar Games announced that they would show the debut trailer for the game very soon, but the players will have to wait a bit. Despite some discontent of users due to long-standing waiting, one of the central characters GTA 5 decided to calm the restless fans.

Actor Ned Luke, known for the role of Michael in GTA 5, like many gamers, is looking forward to the demonstration of the first trailer GTA 6. Judging by him, he knows much more than ordinary users on social networks, since he is clearly confident in the scale of the next part.

On his page on social networks, Luke said that he perfectly understands the discontent of fans, but recommends that they still keep their health and wait for the game to release the game. According to him, GTA 6 will be a project that is definitely worth a long -standing expectation.

Patience, guys, the expectation of it is worth it, believe me, GTA 5 was waiting for, GTA 6 will be an even more standing game.

– said Ned Luke, performer of the role of Michael in GTA 5.

The first trailer GTA 6 will be released in December.

Is it really from the main actors GTA V will talk about the fact that GTA VI should not thus throw the fans of doubts into the piggy bank?
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Warm up by Michael

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I can imagine what movement will begin when the first official news on the game will begin to release.

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Any GTA of waiting is worth. Not a single bad one was

This is a photo from a remister who did not take a rocstar genius, and he himself is not bad after patches

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Well, I played in Remaster, he is no worse than the original.

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It turns out strange why then the Rockstars apologized if this game has nothing to do with them.. And this is just the tip of the iceberg – https: // www.PlayGround.ru/grand_theft_auto_the_trilogy_the_definition_edition/News/Rockstar_iskrenne_izvinya_za_gta_trilogy_Prosit_IGROKOV_PREKRATITITITITITITITITITITITITITITITITITII Abotchikov_v_Seti-115602

And the screen was a bright illustration to words "Any GTA of waiting is worth.", A personal interpretation with the attachment of thoughts about the absence of any connections of the studio of the developers of Remister and their independence from the publisher cannot justify the fact that the combination of the letters GTA in relation to the series is not always something reference and ideal as perfection itself, although of course the difference in budgets and the difference The weight of the games for the industry and the Rockstar as a whole is clear to me.