Cyberpunk 2077 again at the top of Steam now due to update 2.0. The peak of activity on the network reached 115 thousand people

Cyberpunk 2077 is experiencing another Renaissance in Steam in its three -year history. And all thanks to the update that was released the day before.0, which updated and improved most of the key elements of the game.

As follows from Steamdb statistics, at the peak of the last 24 hours, more than 115,510 Steam users played at the game (at the time of writing this news – 100 346). The day before yesterday, the average indicator was in the region of 15,000, so the growth is significant. Now Cyberpunk 2077 takes 8th place in the list "the most played" Games, yielding to the favorites of this year Baldur’s Gate 3 and Starfield, as well as the long -existing competitive games CS, Dota 2 and Apex.

This can also be judged by the list of the largest bestsellers of the platform. Cyberpunk 2077 currently takes third place in the ranking, second only to EA Sports FC 24 and, of course, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Interestingly, the SPACTRE of Freedom complement takes fifth place, yielding to the newly released Payday 3. Cyberpunk 2077 also hit the top ten ratings "Trends", Entering 9th place.

It is worth noting that not so long ago Cyberpunk 2077 overcame the barrier "Very positive" reviews in Steam. This status means that out of more than five hundred thousand reviews, at least 80% were attributed to positive. For a long time after the ambiguous release of the game, reviews remained more likely "mixed".

It can be assumed that many players will remain in the game longer in order not only to try new opportunities, but also to prepare their character for completely new adventures in Phantom Liberty. The release of the first and last expansion for Cyberpunk 2077 will be held on the next Tuesday – September 26 – exclusively on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

However, before returning to the game, it is worth following the advice of the developers and delete all modifications to avoid problems with the integrity of the files. It will also be reasonable to start the game "from scratch", To calmly get acquainted with each new way of developing the character. Update 2.0 is available exclusively on PC and current generation consoles.