The developers of Fallout London told what to expect from a mod the size of DLC

A team of FALLOUT LONDON FALLOUT 4 Convention Developers for FALLOUT 4 as part of its last video report on the progress of work set out some impressive facts about the project.

  • More than 200 volunteers contributed to more than three years of development;
  • For the study, 15 areas of London are available: Bromli, Kamen, London City, Kreudon, Istminster, Greenwich, Khaknny, Islington, Lambet, Lewish, Newem, Sautvark, Tower Hamlets, Wondsworth, Westminster;
  • Using the Fallout 4 function, you can build 7 unique settlements;
  • The general game zone in Fallout London is equivalent to the community of the basic game and DLC Far Harbour combined, which makes it one of the largest mods of Fallout 4 today;
  • 121 weapons, 514 clothing items, 29 races, 64 plants, 425 architectural elements and 203 consumables were created from scratch along with the corresponding animation;
  • 74 new tracks for soundtrack, 47 for radio, 3 different radio stations are available;
  • 53 of the main quest, the action of which takes place in London and its environs, 35 side quests, 25 quests of fractions, 64 different quests and 16 quests of branched gangs;
  • 7 companions (including the British dog), 5 of which are completely voiced, with detailed levels of relationships and own quests for companions;
  • More than 90 thousand recorded vocal lines, which is 1.5 times more than in Fallout New Vegas or The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and only a little less than in Fallout 4 (with the difference that the voiced main character was in the game Bethesda , but in Fallout London it is not);
  • Updated control system of ammunition;
  • A processed system of perks and dialogs with a test of skills during dialogs;
  • New animations, such as climbing the stairs and swimming;
  • Fast movement options, such as trains, taxis and boats;
  • Dynamic weather;
  • New smoking mechanics;
  • Game guitars;
  • Milking cows.

It is unnecessary to say that Fallout London is a unique opportunity to find out what the apocalypse will be in the United Kingdom.