Comparison The Last of US Part 1 on PC with Patch 1.1.0 shows an improvement in performance

You all know about the terrible technical condition of the PC version of The Last of US Part 1 on the release, but we must pay tribute to the Naughty Dog for not abandoning the game and releasing updates.

Yesterday there was another huge update with a volume of 25 GB. The biggest improvement in these recent patches is not the total frequency of personnel, but how smooth the game now seems to be now. Textures and other high graphic settings look at the level of the ultra.

The compilation time of the shader is reduced, the performance of the CPU and GPU is optimized, and the loading of textures and the environment is improved. In patches, new settings of graphics settings are added. In general, the game is in the state in which the release was supposed to be.

It flies away anyway, it is not clear why. the load goes evenly on the video card and the processor and the rally. I sin to accelerate the RAM. Although only in this game departures. The rest are all normal

The game flies away without error, it happened to me when I did an underwear on the video card, try to turn it off. If it were in the ranger, it would immediately catch a blue screen or just freezing.

I flew out during the compilation of the shaaders in the first patches, after the finished compilation I did not fly out, I went through a long time I don’t even remember when)

Growth +10-15 fps not bad

A game flew out on the last patch after some time in the game, then she began to fly out during the loading of the conservation when bright lights fly. The computer is not weak 3080, i7-12700, 32GB DDR 4 and the game on M2 was installed. It helped me put a pumping file at the discretion of the system, because I generally turned off. And the departures stopped, try this option if the same cutters.

Well, what helped? I solved my problem?

You need to test in places of bots accumulation:

There is not even a cluster of bots, a game in an empty corridor can load 85-90%percent, judging by the vidos with a patch 1.1.0 The percentage load did not fall at all. That is, in the PC version, those operations that do the hardware blocks of decoding did not adapt to the platform in any way and stupidly unloaded everything into the central processor.

P.S.: Your tests are in principle in any way, because instead of a video card you have a piece of torn razanina, you will have shitty anywhere in the game

Strange garbage is going on with her. I have a PSU per kilowatt IBP for 800, it seems, but generally norms, but. Sometimes the UPS starts to squeak until I get out of the game and, and in other games there is no such thing (apparently at one random moment the game serves resources strongly or something else), in the location with the dam, in general, at the side of the exit from it, the PC loaded vidyuhu at 100%(RX6950 ) Moreover, both from memory and the vidyuhi itself and the RAM for 20 Gig Schigal, I play in the ON FSR (which is also glowing, as if some surfaces with drops of water or the type of one are covered, in short flickering point, its off and norms)
And this is on the penultimate version, xs as on this but I already think to finish as it is, is already tired of pumping especially with my Internet. Maybe then if it is impatient to rely, and there you already look, they will bring to mind, but this is not exactly.

It falls even where there are no bots, any moving object is an additional load in principle and the more any objects in the frame, the more power it is necessary from the video card. Your jerking off in resolution below even than 800*600 does not steable this game stably. In addition, you still sit on 16GB RAM and you have a crutch in the form of a swing file, and this game eats even more than 32GB operations calmly. So in your case, no patches will help

Vidaha in the games should be loaded by 99%, then there will be a comfortable gameplay, but 6950ht for this game, if in 4K, it is not enough, even 7900XTX barely takes out and not everywhere, so there is a non -alternatively 4090

Just yesterday I put a patch and crossed the shaders, today the driver comes out and again it is necessary to compile shaders 10 times

And already in fashion the removal of comments (where there is no provocation, insults and other things), which do not like stupidly? NIS)

I repeat my comment:
The author generally watched Vidos before posting news? After all, at the very beginning of Vidos IT IS SEEN The fact that the difference in the FPS is

The authors cannot delete or somehow influence comments. Only PG moderators can do this. And they are very adequate and do not rub comments on the principle "I just don’t like it"
It is also extremely unlikely that this author is a moderator. Since I occasionally saw how his comments and posts rubbed, in situations when he did not behave very correctly.
So you probably cunning regarding the lack of provocations, insults and other things.

You at least read my comment? I wrote repeatedly exactly the same comment that was deleted, where there is an insult or something else? Only without the initial entry. How it differs from similar? And probably if I insulted someone, there would be warnings, etc?

The removal of comments was already noticed more than once.Where it was written only on the merits of the news, without insults, with an indication of some kind of accuracy and so on. Not a long time there was a case (I don’t remember which author) . The news was written not correctly (you see the author had not accurate information, like the one who he has a copy -paste. One comment was indicated for this, the comment was cleaned, the author offered the news, but still wrote the date not correctly … Laughter and only

ahh well, since you say that exactly the same comment. That’s okay. I believe dashingly)

I am to your faith, as it were, to be honest. Or now you have to make a way for every comment, so that I would like to prove something like you?)

How many patches have already been released and the friezes are all the same and exactly in the same places.

Perhaps you can already download how to lay out

Already)) I think you will find a link yourself)

The Last of Us: Part I | Some of us: part I [p] [rus + English + 22 / rus + Eng + 10] (2023) ( + 2 DLC) [Portable]

eh ((((only yesterday I questioned (((and immediately the patch came out. Well nothing. through a year, maybe two more.

Unclear. Reduces percentage load, but in half the game makes performance worse

I don’t know how and who, but I installed the game the day before yesterday, I decided to play the average settings in Full HD + GTX1060 6GB ASUS OC and 18 GB of DDR3 RAM (almost all the opera was presented), today I arrived after work, there was already a new upgrades ( I put a pirate with CS at night yesterday at night.Rina Torrent) – this is heaven and earth, I even noticed that the FSR also became better (on the 42 -inch TV, everything is clearly visible and noticeable), and you can play without it. There are some settings and high. Super easy. I found a slowdown in the special settings in the special settings and that cartridges would fall from the corpses, otherwise it is for the difficulty of collecting objects, if you kill them with stealth, then the cartridges do not fall out!

What, again pump the repack. (

At 3060 and i512400F, with DLSS on the ullys it goes normally, there are frizes, but it is tolerant

The processor loads 50% less

I have 8/16 nuclear percentage everything also works by 90%

What percent? I have 5700x 40%. 2k Average settings, 70FPS. I haven’t tried with the last patch

Buy Vasyan glasses

But what if I buy glasses, the lie will cease to be a lie? In business.

Well this is something. It works better definitely. By the way, Fitgers is already sawing the repack, which means that it is upgrading.

Well, nah her repack? It is installed by the PPC for how long. Ramses distributes the unpacked version)

who are people who put the repacks all the more from Fita?)))))))))))

B-the same. There is Ramses, there is the same Dixen18 that saws Orthodox repacks. No, the Simps eat Fitgers.

So what is wrong? I used to use the legendary Hatab.

Fitgers has everything. he cuts nothing, fixes, stability makes it like. There were no problems yet

Well, here’s a real patch. Optimized game. Even on a simple processor 10100f +10 frames. A visual demonstration! And we are told the processor new to buy and not. Maybe you will optimize better? And the processor is new for the Oogogo which games should be. Especially note that this processor does not reveal the potential of most video cards, this is true. But see how even with such a budget processor, cards are already showing playable 59 FPS. This is not 51

I did not notice any special differences from past versions, all the same ranging consumption of RAM and loading the codes out of the blue to the eyeballs

The patch very much reduced the load on the percentage

I had a stable 164 FPS not even on a new patch .

The garbage can be seen again in some places of the FPS less.

I have not the weakest system, but honestly and there were no problems with the previous patch. Yes, I had to work with the settings in the game and the panel of Nvidia, but there were no frizes left.

And what did you make up there? Share)

Firstly, I recorded the frequency of 60 Hz in the monitor driver, although I have 75 Hz monitor (with an increase in the frequency of more than 60 fryers, light frizes appear). Secondly, he set each separate setting of graphics in such a way as not to lose seriously in the visual (although in most settings the difference is visible under a magnifying glass) it was possible to set the maximum speed of the texture load, and this requires a lot of video memory (in 3070 there are 8 GB). And the main rule – I almost never put the setting of graphics in the value of the ultra (unless it reduces the visual, such as the texture quality parameter in RDR2), this applies to any parameter from shadows to textures, practice shows a very bad optimization of this parameter in Most games. As a result – everything works smoothly, as on consoles. I play from the gamepad.

PS In the game, a jamb with vertical synchronization, which flies after each launch, also recorded it in the Nvidia panel.

Also, the optimization of the fate of cyber g 7666vna

The game is still on patches 1.0.5 norms worked, the grazilo is on 45-50, the raisen 5 5600x, at 3060, on Max at 2k 70-90 FPS

Well, if you are not visible in FPS, then you have to put on glasses.

Why everyone looks at the number of fps and not at the graphs? Yes, even on these tests, all the same friezes are visible, and in the same places on the loads of locations.

Now you can wait for a discount and take.

You can download and assemble games in the steam. This garbage can be blocked or selected the game after how many years.

What kind of nonsense, stimulus 10 years and not a single game from the collections have never taken away
So don’t write nonsense!

Everything happens for the first time. But pay for yourself for the air.

I wait for everything, when this happens, but it does not happen and does not happen, why is it such and such, but?
Tea, not Larok Galleykina.

Let the naive believe in the opposite

Well, how there are no changes in the FPS, judging by the video where there was no stop into the card now it is now, so all the random drops should be corrected by automata, now I’ll come in, 4080 even at 4K DLSS, the quality used to fail FPS from 90 to 60 just the same For underloading

In 4K in this game, it is playable in Natev only 4090

T.E 50-60 is no longer playable? And where is the native if I wrote about DLSS quality

60 FPS is playable, there is no below, all the more in the Shutans even if you have a monitor with adaptive synchronization

And all the sliders in the games in the ultra are a mandatory program? You play Cyberpank with track tracer in 20 FPS?)

Khrenase. He knocked out all Achiva? Distressed.

Why these developers believe that people have an interest in this game? The release was when, wasn’t it about six months ago? Everyone has already shown to all, everyone who wanted to go on Peke has long passed on a release, with lags, but nevertheless. due to + 5 fps someone will recall a single game? laughter

Don’t speak for everyone

Well xs. For example, I already took the habit of not touching the release games and I think that many are also acting. I want technical problems not to be superimposed on the sensation of the game. And in the era **, the non-player construction should wait a few months before passing something

I had interest in her, I waited for me to go out, the benefit of the unexplored for three years ahead.I have always been struck by such egg -headed ones as you, who put their unnecessary opinion to anyone for the opinion of all people.In which incubator you are made, and?Son, you learn to be responsible for yourself at the beginning.

For the most part, he is right. The game has already been held on the release, when it was completely crooked and departure, having received negative emotions and experience from Vsalin of a crooked product. There and now the optimization remained very weak with high systems at least twice, for such a corridor game with very mediocre graphics. You can wait for 2-6 months, and I and someone else wanted to play on the release in a finished product, and not wait even later for half a year.