Postal developer believes that Denuvo and DRM are “punishment for consumers”

Running with Scissors, known as the developers of the Postal series, which created one of the most obscene, sharp and contradictory FPS games on a PC, believes that Denuvo and the technology for managing rights to load (DRM) are served "punishment" For gamers. Postal developer claims that DRM "obsessive" And that the gaming industry "deserves a better future.

Recently, Running with Scissors, which created the Postal series, said that it is not against the fact that people have pirated her games if their price is too high on digital trading floors, such as Steam. Now the developer claims that Denuvo and DRM technologies punish consumers.

The inclusion of obsessive DRM programs, such as Denuvo, is a choice that leads to an unfair punishment of consumer", – It is said in the statement by Running with Scissors. Respect the consumer, create games that he wants to play, and you will never feel the need to fight piracy". The game industry deserves a better future, fight for this.

Denuvo and other DRM technologies are designed to protect games from external intervention and piracy. They limit the interaction of users with software and other files in games to prevent copying, changing or other access to games that contradict the desires of their creators. The introduction of Denuvo and DRM often causes disputes about the right of ownership of digital goods and how measures to combat piracy limit the capabilities of consumers in relation to the games they purchased.

Many of the largest games 2023, including the Resident Evil 4 Remake, Street Fighter 6, Star Wars Jedi Survivor and Dead Space Remake, use Denuvo, while other not released games, such as Mortal Kombat 1, Payday 3 and Total War Pharaoh, are also indicated DRM technology on its pages in Steam.

In August, the User Agreement to Tekken 8 stated that Denuvo is part of the upcoming wining. In response to this, the director of Katsukhiro Harada said that they had "no plans" On the inclusion of Denuvo in Tekken 8.