Fans of Street Fighter 6 criticize Capcom for “terrible monetization” due to the price of the third set of costumes

Although Street Fighter 6 is successful with fans of the famous Capcom Futings series, its monetization caused a storm of indignation. The last traffic violator is the long -awaited release of the third set of costumes, which gives each of the 18 starting characters a new attractive outfit.

Each outfit is available for 300 Fighter Coins (the premium vale of Street Fighter 6) and includes all 10 available colors. Unlike the second set, this one can only be purchased for real money, and it cannot be unlocked in the world round mode.

The problem here is that Capcom sells Fighter Coins only with packages of 250 coins for £ 4.99, $ 4.99, 610 for 9.49 pounds of sterling / 11.99 US dollars, 1250 for 18.99 pounds / sterling / 23.99 US dollars and 2750 for 39.99 pounds / 49.99 US dollars. This means that it is impossible to buy 300 Fighter Coins or spend about $ 6 per set. You will have to spend about 10 dollars or more, depending on the package you have chosen.

Worse, Capcom does not sell a kit that includes some or all costumes at a reduced price. This means that if you want to buy all costumes of the third set for all 18 start -up characters, you will need 5400 Fighter Coins, which will cost you 80 pounds / $ 100 of the US (2750 Fighter Coins X 2). This is much more expensive than Street Fighter herself.

As expected, the Street Fighter community is outraged by the cost of these costumes. One of the topics on Sabredite Street Fighter called “Do not buy costumes” calls for a boycott.

“It is impossible to allow Capcom to win,” said the radisor Soul699. “Because otherwise in the future it will be even worse. Of course, Mortal Kombat is worse, but this does not change the fact that they are still bad. I know that many people will not care, and they will continue to feed the corporations, because they just surrendered and obeyed, but if you want to do something smart, do not buy costumes. I know that they mostly look great, but resist. Do not let CAPCOM be so easy to leave “.

In another topic, they called such a monetization “crazy for playing $ 60“.

“Yes, it sucks that they did“ an outfit costs 300, but there are no options for 300 coins, ”added Reddator Wahallen. “This is not a new practice, but it sucks”.