The creator of the Tekken series Katsuhiro Harad ridiculed Emmanuel Macron accusing video games of riots

Today, the director and chief producer of the game Tekken 8 Katsukhiro Harad turned to Twiter to answer the rather unsuccessful statement of French President Emmanuel Macron.

A few days ago, Macron accused video games and social networks of unrest that occurred in France, and Mr. Harad was indignant at this statement, responding with sarcasm and explaining how often they accuse the video games to avoid responsibility.

To blame something is a great way to avoid burden of responsibility, children do not learn due to video games. People become cruel because of video games. Video games – the reason that my life is not going along. In the near future, video games will be responsible for every threat arising on Earth. The creator of games that can create such a powerful threat is simply amazing. Whew!

Politics using video games as a scapegoat to accuse of violence, of course, do not represent anything particularly new, and it is obvious that the frank developer of the popular Bandai Namco franchise was not happy that this happened once again.

Tekken 8 will be released for PC, Xbox Series X | S and PS5, and so far has no exit dates or windows.

The whole essence of people who do not know what the game is, to blame all the riots due to games, it is so easy to miss such ears.

This is not the left Vasya from the tweeter, but the president of the state. Even if he does not influence games at the legislative level, then at least some part of the chosen electorate to love this stranger. One can only hope that it is not big.

This is the purpose of this non -Neri Vasya, unfortunately. Any politician who declares is simply translating part of the aggression into films, games, etc. Thinking people will twist a finger at the temple, but part (and there will always be such) will believe and say that it is. The president and (or) any politician at least are those people who should correct these problems, but it is easier to blame X than to tear the ass from the Maldives and do what they were chosen for them.

Yes Macron now, as a hero of video game. I already imagine how he stands at the window of the presidium, look at what is happening and says "We have a city to bury".

Yes of course. Games and social.The networks are to blame. But in this case I have a question. 100+ years ago games and social.There were no networks. But the riots in France and in those distant times occurred often. Who at that time would accuse the stupid Macron of the riots? Cruel books?

Honestly, Macron Funny.

Well, all according to secret documents. Gopota came out of the tavern, having lost the cards and the following: "Everything, patience burst, we are going to take the Bastille. Hey, Jacques, grab Gillotin from the barn from the barn, so as not to get up twice".

It depends on what books.

And so, in general, I agree, the games must be attributed as a turn to help with mentally abnormal people. In games you can translate all bad emotions without leaving home. So that games are useful for someone).

And what else could he say ? He does not admit that the policy of multiculturalism turned out to be a catastrophic mistake and personally he and his associates are to blame for this. It is very convenient to blame your mistakes for games.

Multuralism policy is not erroneous. The erroneous policy of the neocolonialism of France, which led to the fact that a huge number of refugees from Africa began to flee. Because the French are actively using their puppets in Africa to obtain resources to cheaps or support the necessary groups with their foreign legion or weapons.
Refugees in Franition are bad about this country because they are directly or indirectly to blame for the crisis in Africa or the Middle East

I do not think so. Problems with migrants not only in France. Africans in all of Europe behave +/- In the same way, in the USA, problems with color constantly. Yes, and what a sin to hide – in the English Federation the same problems with immigrants from neighboring countries, but we did not have colonies. In addition, do not forget about the birth rate of different ethnic groups – sooner or later a skew will occur when the whites will be in the minority. Is it necessary to explain what can happen then ? If this is not an erroneous policy, then I don’t even know what to call a mistaken policy.

He acts on the principle of Machiavelli, deny your mistakes and blame them for others

UK is a colony. I am from the English Federation if that. In addition to St. Petersburg and Moscow, there is a complete trash.

What is the point of saying a deliberate untruth?

And they also say that only our politicians condemn video games.

No, they just shift problems to everyone except themselves

Ugahaha. But nothing that gamers instead of creating unrest and participation in all kinds of political srachs will prefer to spend their free time for some interesting video game. Anyway, gamers are essentially aggressive only in games, for the most part, at least such is my life Experience.

I agree, I leave all my negativity in games or in social networks, but not in real life). So the games agree, on the contrary, protect people. And so, if I 1.97th, in childhood loved people to beat and fight). And the games helped me relax). Now I don’t do it).

This blue macron is just stars!

Gamers have no time to participate in the riots – you need to farm or just play. While there is light and the Internet, nothing is worried about.

But if the light is turned off or the Internet, then ancient evil wakes up in me 👹.

Problems in your policy of Macron, even more Muslim migrants let go into your country and do not be surprised at the riots and do not forget to burn the Qur’an so that there are probably no riots, moron

And what is the funny thing, these migrants came for a reason, today’s holy democracy used to be replaced by colonies in history. And France was normal for them, now these peoples, which in essence, was held by a stranger country in the initial government, forced to eat the porridge that France brewed for a long time. It’s necessary, it’s funny, attempts to forget the past and become better not to smear a member). They are to blame for themselves. But in all they need to blame religion, race, games.

Oh, another fool who has the events of the century before last..

Well, a fool, where do you think the migrants in France, what do you think so much has been so much? Fool?

In France, of course, savages, stupidly demolish everything in protests !

And all gamers, exception! ヽ (° □ °) ノ

So the politicians themselves built a rating system in which violence games have smaller restrictions than the games showing "Love" =)

What is this macaron. Ugh a pervert

Maybe Emmanuel Macron has a secret connection with Mizulina. )

Yes, they are both politicians who do not recognize mistakes in the country

Yes, the games are to blame for everything. Trojan war also untied video games, you did not know?😆

Games can affect a person, I do not argue. But there are also films that will be worse. But the most important thing is news on the first and second channel. I think in France not very good news delights their citizens. So that in the aggregate Macron had to say. And do not blame only games. And it turns out that politicians are not to blame for anything. Well, this is nonsense.

Yes, I’m a killer. Yes, I kill people. Yes, I play the game GTA5 for Travis. And I’m still a killer. Why? The question is good. After all, all people are virtual, and not real. The whole irony of the whole story that all the games are always made by the goat of the scenery, and all of them affect the psyche of people, making them stupid savages, for which because of them they always become killers. If so, then why did people always kill each other before the games?

If you recall such games as Rune Factory/Story of Seasons/Harvest Moon/Stardew Valley/My Time At/Animal Crossing, these games never have anything pushing for violence. Even if you take Stardew Valley and the My Time AT Games series, where you need to kill animals. So all this is done to get meat and materials for food, our ancestors did this and deduced us. Rune Factory also have fights with animals, only there the ENT is completely different, albeit strange. All weapons are spiling, for all monsters are transported to the ground through the portals. For which the enchanted weapons send them back. Do not ask me, these are the conventions of Laura. And even more so, games as Story of Seasons, Harvest Moon, and Animal Crossing is generally peaceful games, and they are in no way connected with violence. But they will be reproached anyway, well. Probably because. Even the same Tetris, which was simply created as an arcade-head, but for some reason they will accuse him, they say-the game has a secret hypnotizing effect on violence and without equality has clearly something against women? Yes, there is one interesting review of feminists on tetris. I don’t know, now you can find fault with everything, the main thing is to have a desire to blame them without reason. This is an irony, even if it got it, but sometimes it sometimes infuriates to hear such accusations of baseless evidence, simply because it can be possible.

The traitor Macron must hang on the pillar. Modern Europe is already a museum. Architecture remained from the past and everything is on this. Multiculturalism and tolerance the main reasons for the riots. They try to ignore in Europe and do not want to see the results of uncontrolled migration. But in any case, they will have to pay attention to this. Now everything will subside, but in the future it will be worse and worse.

In Africa, hunger because of games

Indirectly macron is right, but only conscious, not compulsive people will understand this.

It is indirectly known that Macron Uxide Semin and Rudua. Prostious fighters with games as a problem.
The connection of protests and video games is approximately the same as the connection of Chikivallo and its cruelty because of the Bible.

And this is not because I am such a defender of the games, but because protests do not arise on such a scale due to a good standard of living of protesters, but due to the fact that the French government (in principle like any other) loves to throw people with laws or so much so More

Ringed for a long time. "Pocent" So I wanted to. that I decided to use "compulsion" (a variety of personality disorder). T.e. who does not agree with the pasta, that is psycho.

The steep word heard in his yellow house and decided to apply without thinking?

Partially, but video games are clearly not included in the top 5 of the most important problems of the world. The problem is just in these politicians in the first place. In news blocks, films. From ordinary people, from migrants, just from non -healthy people.

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