Mark Hamill explains why the games of the Batman Arkham series allowed him to become a “completely new jocker”

One of the most famous actors depicting Joker in all media is Mark Hamill. Having first received the role of the Joker in 1992 in the animated series "Batman: The Animated Serie", He quickly became a favorite of fans for his violent and at the same time chilling image, becoming an excellent pair of the late actor Kevin Konrai in the classic series and subsequent animated films and video games in the next decades.

Recently, due to the 12th anniversary of Batman: Arkham City, Mark Hamill shared his impressions of how he played Joker for many years, and how the famous Batman Arkham series allowed him to become "A completely new jocker".

Freed from restrictions on the television department of standards and practice (television censorship) and focused on a more adult audience, trilogy "Arkham" was dark, gloomy and extremely cruel. For me it was a completely new Joker.

Hamill said that Batman Arkham Games Rocksteady Studios developer allowed him to explore the more severe and brutal side of the Batman about a more adult audience. It is known that the animated series and "Batman" Berton Tima helped to again imagine Batman as a gloomy hero, moving away from the popular and still very interesting era of Batman Adam West.

The animation series was unexpectedly gloomy for the children’s audience, but, despite the gloomy plot lines, it became popular among both children and older audience. Nevertheless, the series came into conflict with television studios because of its subjects and violence, and key authors, such as writer Paul Dini, were forced to soften some stories to meet the television standards of that time.

In Batman Arkham games, many of the creators returned to work on the game: Konra in the role of Batman, Hamill in the role of Joker, as well as screenwriter Paul Dini. The result was not only fantastic games about superheroes, but also excellent Batman stories, which allowed their beloved fans to open up in another interpretation focused on more mature plots.

Although in the underestimated and excellent "Arkhamverse" Joker performed by Troy Baker received something like a history of origin in "Arkham Origins", Most fans consider the main games Rocksteady as the main plot. In particular, Arkham City is for many a culmination of the series, which ended with the unexpected death of Joker, which led to an even more shocking "revival" in Arkham Knight, which then completed its history within the framework of the series. The games of the Arkham series especially showed the unique dynamics of relations between Batman and Joker, which was only a briefly shown in the animated series.

The work of Mark Hamilla in the Batman Arkham series is perhaps his best role in this character. After the death of Kevin Konroit, Hamill said that he considered his time as a Joker finished, and in an interview said that returning to a character without conro would be wrong.