An announced event of the cruise on the Balkans for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Developers from SCS Software invite everyone on Thursday, October 19, to celebrate the release of the new DLC Western Balkans, taking part in the World of Trucks event – cruise on the Balkans! You can take part in this event using DLC ​​Western Balkans, DLC Road to the Black Sea or both!

New DLC Western Balkans offers you to discover 30 beautiful cities for yourself. Together with 30 unique cities from DLC, the road to the Black Sea is 60 amazing cities that can be explored in this event!

During #CruingTheBalkans, you explore beautiful landscapes and picturesque routes past forests, rivers, mountains and coastal lines, while contributing to the rich economy of both DLC. Since the region extends so far, it supports an incredibly wide variety of animals. A gray wolf, a brown bear, a doe and a noble deer, as well as a curly pelican, are one of the largest freshwater birds who likes to eat numerous species of fish. Hermann turtles popular with tourists can also be seen near many water area and rivers.

In addition to the breathtaking of nature, the Balkans also offer various interesting economic regions. In your travels, you will pass through many unique cities, industrial zones and large sea ports that are crucial for the economies of countries. Truckers can count on the study of new industries, such as the delivery of caravans to car dealerships, where people bring to life their dreams of traveling on wheels.

During your trip to the Balkans, you can see many points of view and attractions:

  • Dubrovnik, a coastal city with an impressive bridge, from where an amazing view opens
  • Durres Marina, beautiful port
  • School, a picturesque city with narrow streets and small shops
  • Sarajevo, a historical city with interesting architecture
  • Tara bridge, a well -known mountainous place with ziplas

As in past events, you can use your own trailer.

Since the DLC road to the Black Sea and DLC West Balkans are part of the #CruingTheBalkans event, where you can see so many cities, you have the opportunity to achieve the purpose of the community and up to two personal goals, one for each DLC. The achievement of both personal goals will certainly cost it, since their awards together will create an incredibly beautiful combination of painting of a truck and trailer!


Using external contracts or external markets, with a profile connected to World of Trucks in Euro Truck Simulator 2, the purpose of the community is to drive 300,000,000 km, delivering goods to or from any city to Western Balkans and/or complement the road to the Black Sea.

This event offers you to fulfill up to two personal goals:

  • Personal target for DLC Western Balkans: to perform delivery of at least 15 unique cities or from them.
  • Personal goal for DLC Road to the Black Sea: to carry out delivery of at least 15 unique cities or from them.

All delivery for the event should be at a distance of at least 200 km or more.

You can check whether your recent deliveries corresponded to these conditions using the accounting journal in your World of Trucks profile.


Community: When the community is the purpose of the community, to drive 300,000,000 km, will be achieved, and also if the player also reaches any personal goal, he will receive the decoration in the cabin in the form of a Dalmatian pelican as an item of Steam inventory.

For Western Balkans: Get a personal achievement of World of Trucks and impressive coloring of a truck in the Nature’s Embrace style for ETS2 from Steam inventory.

For the road to the Black Sea: get the personal achievement of World of Trucks and the beautiful coloring of the ETS2 trailer on the theme of “hug of nature” from the inventory of Steam.

Note. To apply for a community reward, you must fulfill at least one personal goal in Euro Truck Simulator 2. Each reward will be the subject of Steam inventory for Euro Truck Simulator 2. After completing, take your award on the Event page in your profile in World of Trucks.