In the new update for Battlebit Remastered, developers improved the game optimization

The low -polygonal network shooter Battlebit Remastered from the first person produced a real splash in the Steam digital store, although only three programmers are building it for its development. Despite the modest sizes of the development team extremely often release useful updates. They devoted a new patch for the shooter to serious project optimization.

Battlebit Remastered shooter was updated to version 1.7.2. According to the developers in this update, they did serious work on the general optimization of the game. PC power consumption during the game should significantly decrease, and at the same time, performance growth is expected on all types of systems. Below you can familiarize yourself with the full list of changes in the update:

  • Serious internal optimization
  • Further optimization of CPU
  • Optimization of performance on the client side
  • Possible correction of play delay every 5 seconds
  • The collection points cause errors of the entire user interface if the player joins the game when the game ends, and the collection point is deployed in his team.
  • Fixed scaling PP2000
  • Fixed the model of the store RSh12.
  • MP7 magazines returned
  • Wakistan – Fixed the procedure for naming the flags Conq 64v64.
  • Sandysunset – the initial revival of the US team on the forefront is pushed back 50 meters ago to balance the time of movement with the target goal for both commands.
  • Frugis – added Rush 32V32 (3 steps / 5 targets one step with 2 random active targets)
  • The number of places used will be displayed on the vehicle if there are users in the vehicle.
  • Fixed Twitch Drops restriction up to 20 skins. (If you have more than 20, it is still there, our API call was limited to 20, it will be automatically updated in the game)
  • In cases where the player’s data are not updated from the game server to the server part, when the player is trying to join the new server, the user statistics will synchronize much faster. (before 10-15 seconds, now 2 seconds).
  • Fixed a mistake due to which friends did not load in the group tab.
  • List of Steam friends, causing a lag every 5, is fixed.
  • Updating Privacy Policy

In the future, the creators of Battlebit Remastered plan to expand the shooter with new content. For the game, a large -scale alteration of one of the cards is already planned, as well as the inclusion of a new game mode.