50 achievements from the Racing game The Crew Motorfest leaked to the network

Until the new game The Crew Motorfest from Ubisoft Entertainment remains a few more months, and the developers have not yet revealed all the secrets of the racing game. A recent leak, thanks to which all the achievements of the new items were open to open access, opened the veil of mystery. At a minimum, it has now become known that the Crew Motorfest will be available as many as 50 trophies for unlocking.

In the Microsoft Store database, enthusiasts managed to find a detailed description of the achievements in The Crew Motorfest. It was reported that they were loaded recently by the developers themselves and are unlikely to be adjusted or greatly changed. In total, the game will have 50 achievements for a total amount of 1000 g. About 16 trophies are secret and are associated with important events in the game, while others are related to collecting or passing special tests.

Here are some famous achievements in The Crew Motorfest:

  • Big League – Complete 15 MotorFest events.
  • Hedliner of the main scene – complete all three graphs on the main stage of Motorfest.
  • Cars, stories, attractions and good mood – complete 6 playlists.
  • Sit on the wheel – win 5 user events.
  • Project passion – spend 1 million dollars
  • Reducer against the collector – master 30 vehicles
  • Built differently-own a vehicle in 10 different categories of vehicles
  • Favorite of fans – to achieve the maximum level on one vehicle
  • Alley of Glory – become the legend of Motorfest for the first time

In The Crew Motorfest, you will have more than 600 cars to explore the exotic island of Oha in Hawaii and become a legend of racing. You can check your skills in high -speed street racing skills alone or with other players via online. The release of the game will take place on September 14, 2023 on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.