The number of Starfield players exceeded 10 million

Bethesda announced that their last game, the space adventure Starfield, attracted more than ten million players, which further strengthened its status of the largest launch of the developer for all the time. A week and a half ago, the company reported 6 million players.

Starfield takes place in the 2300s, after a colonial war between the United Colonies and the Freistar team. Players will create their own characters, which will become part of the organization of Constellation space researchers, and will navigate the difficult world that came as a result of the bloody war of the colonies. Starfield is also available on Xbox Game Pass from the day of launch.

The game is very reminiscent of the previous Bethesda projects: players ultimately create their own narrative, following the plot lines that grow into something more. Starfield boasts especially large -scale research to help this exciting feat, as well as an inventive new game and a system that will surely hold players for many years.

Starfield is available on Xbox and PC.

Green Steam also enters here?

This is there such bugs serious

This game has already turned into a meme.

The frame has a typical player in the scamfield, and Hoadard and Hines are standing nearby with wide smiles

Yes, Starfield prolongs life

Players or people who launched at least once, in the pass and without taking into account the time? It is easy to manipulate dials, only such excitement is invisible =) Streams barely breathe and inferior to turkeys, Steam does not grow, and even the most popular mod for the inventory of 150k downloads (t.E is not pass). Of course, the game can come and go units of the IROKOV, but 10 million is definitely marketing and no more.

Well, this is clearly playing) All companies love this "manipulate" Especially F2P Mmoshka. As before, blits reported about players in front of investors when they gave free access for several days, and considered these players to statistics))

You can not read further. Another manipulation and starry.

But not 10 billion? 1000 planets were created, they could also wind up players.

Be careful after their assessments 10 out of 10 and.T.D.

Well, of course you compared, BG3 and Starfield)) This is how to compare a private house and apartment.

No Todd and don’t try to convince

10 levels in the game today in Steam have reached a little more than 50% of those who played in this game

"But they did not reveal this game, having played 30+ hours at least. Weaks"
(c) typical Starfield fans

Ah, this is already a minus? Before that, everything that the first Achivka received about 10% shouted.

Played 20 hours and did not receive a single Achivka

well, you downloaded the game Hello for free)

It was about the Achivka Xbox. And there were 45%, not 10

Well, I personally use mods and consoles and Achivka, I played for more than 100 hours but there is not a single Achovka, so there is no sense in the status of Achovki in this game, you can’t get accurate data

You are aware of how many Xbox users?

One, and he dangles in the loop with shame.

I don’t know, enjoy

She is in the top 5 on the online now, three of which is online jerking off, she is the second in single

If Befesda and Todd Howard were Pinocchio, his nose would have grown to the edge of the universe and we would certainly have visited all the planets moving along it. Three main balabols of the gaming industry: Peter Muline, Todd Howard and Phil Spencer and the most interesting thing that all connects work on the game unit Microsoft in due time

I would have added Jevata Jerli from Crytek more (and they also worked with T -shirts, Lol Kek Cheburek)

And at least with English subtitles for HBOKS it would be at least 2 times more. From 2 million minus I

Really. it feels like everyone has crazy.

And these 10 million where? There are not in Steam, there are no streamers on Twich. Is it really such a unique game that everyone plays it on boxing? )

Damn, 10 million. With so many players, the game should be in every gap, I don’t remember how much it was in the CP, but the game was literally in every hole, there was a bunch of rollers on YouTube, a bunch of players in Steam, on Twich there were just a huge number of streamers and spectators, and then The game of the century came out and everything is so modest? )

Subscribers of Game Pass are also going to statistics who have at least once launched the game, but not about sold copies, the dolls are beautiful, but how much they really sold will not say

Yes, this is understandable, but if out of 10 million, 9 launched the game once and deleted it after 2 hours. Well, I would be ashamed to call it "attracted players"

Following the plot lines that develop into something more. – Yes Yes Yes. More. Yeah.

Games of gazebo at the output have always been checked that Oblivion, that Follauts, and even Skyrim. But over time, they were overgrown with a fanbase and became religious. Everything new is always accepted at first.

That’s just interesting what you don’t like the game!? Only please reasoned, no need to copy other people’s reviews. I like it. My computer is not even an average 1050 ti? Intel i3, 8 Gb. I play on the minimum wings, but playable, unlike Hogwarts, t.e. Everything is fine with optimization. And in general, looking with what to compare, and with what it can be compared with that this has already been? Or I missed something!?

Argued and without fanaticism. I answer.

1-passionality of the NPS, in Tes 5 they reacted to your actions, noticed your progress in skills, a change in your ammunction, and actively discussed something against the background.

2-empty world. If we take the same Tes or F4, something constantly happened there, a bunch of different places for research. For example, the same Tes or Skyrim, you could meet different NPS along the way. Someone attacked you, someone greeted, someone told their story and gave. There is also the same in Starfield, but for 30+ h game, it seemed to me that in previous games this was more and the player was more actively involved in the process.

3-elevation of enemies. Alas, in Starfield your enemies will be exclusively lunti in spacesuits. No aggressive alien flora and fauna, evil green men, mutants, cyborgs, etc. wickedness. Even the staglde fractions look almost the same.

4-trimmed mechanics in craft. We have the opportunity to collect trash and weapons, but we have no opportunity to disassemble it on components, it is strange.

5-v and the same type of ship weapons. All weapons are changing only in size and the number of damage to the linen, neither the type of shooting, nor the color, nor the mechanics of application will change. There are no heavy torpedoes, corosive, electromagnetic, etc. exotic weapons.

A 6-adoan and fresh plot, with the passivity of the player’s involvement in it. I compare with Tes 5, where it began through Epic, as in fact in F4, but here it is somehow boring and fresh. Well, Shakhtar and Shakhtar, well, saw a vision and saw. The player involvement in the process is weak. At the level of superficial interest of the plot, not direct interaction with the world. (I explain). In Skyrim, we are a member of the execution and after the escape. We are given a choice with whom to run, they are actively involved in the confrontation of the 2nd sides, after which, after a short period of time, we spend a rather epic battle with the dragon. In Starfield, we are simply flying to accompany the robot to find something there (I don’t remember that, yes, it was interesting that I didn’t even remember) to shoot rather dumb and passive lunts and fly to the new Atlantis. Where is also a weak involvement. For the delivery of an artifact, we are not given powerful weapons or unique armor, as in the same weitrane, they give a fascinated gunsmith for the tablets and after another 1 other, for the victory over the dragon.