Stormgate gameplay will be shown on June 11 at PC Gaming Show. Closed alpha test starts in July

Fans of RTS in general and Starcraft in particular celebrate June 11 in their calendars. On this day, the PC Gaming Show event will take place, at which Frost Giant studio will first show the wide public the gameplay of the expected stormgate strategy. The other day, the game has already been shown to the elected representatives of the community, who at the same time were invited to a closed alpha test. And a little more information about the units and the buildings of one of the gaming fractions appeared – resistance.


Broadcast PC Gaming Show starts on June 11 at 23:00 in Moscow. Frost Giant did not previously demonstrate Stormgate gameplay at such events and, in general, few saw the game in the case, so it will certainly be interesting to look at. It is worth noting that the game is at the alpha stage, so what he saw can be very different from what will eventually be on the release.

Units and buildings

As mentioned above, the other day Frost Giant Studios showed Stormgate to representatives of the community – professional players and creators. Under the conditions of NDA, they cannot directly tell about everything that they saw, but some information was still allowed to make public. For example, we received information about some units of the resistance faction.

EVAC. Flying unit, strictly dropship. Frost Giant is of the opinion that when several different functions are combined in one Yunu, this is not very good. Therefore, EVAC can only transport units.

Lancer. Unit of close combat, knows how to tank well and is not very susceptible to large damage indicators (approximately like immortal from Starcraft 2). It seems like to beat the spotlights.

Vulcan. Large fur sizes (occupies 2 slots in a collar), shoots from a machine gun. The longer fire is carried out, the higher the speed of the attack. Moves with the help "reactive satchel" and can be touched by enemy troops, temporarily deafening them.

Skyrider. Specific information about what this unit does is not provided. But in general, this unit looks like a scientific judgment from the first oldcraft, so it can be assumed that this is a unit of support. The purple energy indicator hints at the same.

Probably an analogue of the farm – gives a limit for the production of units. It takes up a lot of space.

Therium Refinery. Presumably, as the main resource in Stormgate there will be some resource like minerals from Starcraft. But Therium is probably a resource number two. What exactly does Therium Refinery do is not entirely clear, but Refinery is also called the Terransky Gazylins in Starcraft. It can be assumed that this building is necessary either for production or to store a second resource.

Barracks. You understand what it means. Are needed for the production of units.

Biokinetics Lab. It is not clear why this building is needed, but we assume that grades will be done there "on bio".

Machine Factory. The name is hinting that the technique is being built in this building.

Mech Bay. The name seems to hint that the building is necessary either for the production of more advanced equipment or for upgrades.

Closed show and closed alpha

Some of the representatives of the RTS community in general terms shared the impression of what they saw on "closed show".

Australian commentator Pig said that the game looks very cool. Despite the fact that only alpha tests are still ahead, Stormgate is already in a playable state.

The Canadian commentator Zombiegrub noted that the units in the game are not enough responsiveness, they do not react so well to teams as in the same Starcraft 2. But this is a purely visual impression, I did not play directly to the game ZG.

The Polish Starcraft Mana said that despite the alpha, the game already looks good and read well-he, as a progamer, is visually clear what units belong to TIR-1 and which tir-2. Borrowings from other RTS are recognized in gameplay. But there are also new mechanics in the game, which he personally did not meet either in Starcraft or other strategies. Everything is played quickly, but not as fast as Starcraft 2. Units in strength are somewhere between SC2 and WC3.

Closed alpha starts in July. At the first stage, participants will be able to play only for resistance.