Publisher of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic has evaded an answer to the question of development status

The publisher of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic has evaded an answer to the question of the development status of the most classic way.

Today, May 24, the publisher of Embracer conducted a briefing for investors, at which the General Director of Lars Wingefors answered questions. One of the questions, as reports below Axios, Stephen Totilo, concerned the status of the Kotor remake, to which Wingefors simply answered "I have no comments".

If this upset you, Kotor fans, then wait for what will happen next: Wingefors was going to say something else about the project, but the interviewer interrupted it, completely interrupting the replica.

If you want to see the rest of the Wingefors briefing for investors, as the Embracer CEO is trying to cope with the questions about why the publisher’s purchase deal for $ 2 billion ultimately broke down, watch the video below below.

The question of the status of the remake of Kotor arose against the backdrop of last year’s report, which stated that things were not going very well. According to rumors, after an unsuccessful internal demonstration, the remake was removed from the Aspyr Media and transferred to Saber Interactive for further production.

Almost a year later, Embracer did not clarify the situation around the Kotor remake, and the fans, in fact, remained in the dark. Kotor remake was announced back in 2021, and since after that nothing is known about the game, it is easy to understand why fans are experiencing some concern and bewilderment. The other day, journalist Jeff Grabb expressed the opinion that the game may never come out due to problems in development. And the blogger added some new details, along with the confidence that the game is still alive.

There are those who desperately hope that Kotor remake will appear at one of the many summer exhibitions in the next few weeks. Today, May 24, the PlayStation Showcase for May 2023 will take place, and, given that the remake is an exclusive for the PS5 console, it is possible that it may appear here.