The new Star Citizen video shows abandoned advanposts that will appear in Alpha 3.20, and the new brand of the ship “Mirai”

Today, Cloud Imperium Games, the developer of Star Citizen, released a new video showing the upcoming content for a growing space game. The first part of the video demonstrates fifteen new abandoned avantosts that will be added to the game in alpha version 3.20 that should appear this summer.

The second part of the video is dedicated to Mirai, the new MISC subbrand specializing in performance setting. Although today we get some information, the first Mirai ship will be presented at the Invictus 2953 launch week, which will debut on May 19, as well as several days during which the game will be available for free.

Meanwhile, the growing crowdfunding campaign Star Citizen continues to develop, and the total amount has recently exceeded $ 569 million (569 544,282 dollars at the time of writing this article). The number of registered users also recently exceeded 4.5 million and is now 4,570,486 people.

Blah blah blah, and some kind of video))))

If anything is a weekly development diary in which they talk about work on the game. 10 years is already regularly released every week 😉

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Or the desire to cut the bonusiks on the Haipovo-Hiteril theme. )

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Everything is simple, they judge you in your words – do not write Hater’s game similar to the other heaterals of Star Citizen on Pega, and I will not comment on it 😉

In the comments, people who have never played the game. This opinion is simply not worth considering)

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Just one new brand of ships? So few. Otherwise the game is all ready, only there are very few ships ((

And you compare the number of ships in ED and SC)

To understand with the ships, it’s enough for, it is not necessary to compare nothing

T.e. You "thin" I hinted that there is no nichrome in SC, but I don’t want the ships the most, like – make the game of cig -shine fuflana!

But the dangerous elite is a straight Shedevar 12 of10, in which the hemptic is heated (naa), and the level of immersion – Star Citizen is resting (in no way), and the beautiful universe with a variety of biomes and billions of planets (generally by) and which came out right now. I will be in a finished state and have never deceived the players at all (. XD) and about which they write in the branch as if it is the perfect cosmosim -13 out of 10 (this is yeah)

And not a single hint of your part to understand the essence of the development of SC, because of which ships are sawn because the FAN SERVICE and so far the only way to monetize the game, and technologies and mechanics come only as it is ready – it, I have not heard it..))

You have now voiced the typical mantra of the adept Chris Roberts. And no, I don’t hint and I say right. Racks are engaged in the fact that they create beautiful candidates for their future home when they still do not have the whole foundation, and the layout of the house in general is not specific. If you think that at the moment of ships all such are not enough for you and it is worth spending resources on it, then I can tell you nothing more. Have my opinion and I will have my own.

This is not a mantra, but the conclusion based on the mate of the part – I know what is happening in the game and how everything is developing there, but you do not know why you are already sculpting the nonsense of Hatersky.

The foundation makes several departments and it is so complicated that it will not work quickly – 3.18 showed how heavy the game systems and how they need to be polished for a long time..
All the rest of the game is done – in parallel and the same ships are made by a separate team – having nothing to do with the corn.
The recent renewal of the city of Lorville, from which all wise men howled from the series "there are no games and they make skin and they are punched – ha ha hawa!", A separate team also made this advanced, the profile of which is just architecture and interiors.

While the foundation of the game has not been made, the game is supplemented with other content, but, wise guy and cheerils continue to pour streams of template feces in the calculation of supporting a near audience and plus each other from solidarity..))

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everyone saws and saws, but it never smelled with optimization.

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Again a new boat. For real loot..

For especially smart ones, ships in the game can be bought for the in -game currency.