The former Starfield developer claims that all solutions in the playersda players are passing through the Todd Howard Todda

Former Bethesda veteran claims that all decisions in the studio "go through" Director of Todd Howard.

In an interview with the Minnmax YouTube channel, Bruce Nemit remembered his long career in the studio, where he began to work on Daggerfall, rose to the leading designer Skyrim, and then participated in the creation of Starfield, and then went to writers.

According to Nesmit, the success of several games released by Bethesda led to the fact that the team expanded to uncomfortable sizes, which was partly the reason for his departure.

There were many changes, ”says Netimit,“ and the structure of the company was also such that – half due to pandemia, half simply because of the necessary changes – you didn’t communicate with Todd so often.

However, it was carried out with understanding to these changes. "When you manage six different studios and you have a dozen projects at the same time, he is just one person", – Explains Netmit. But despite the fact that "communication lines" become "Much more rigid", Howard, claimed, had the right to the last voice when making most creative decisions.

All decisions go through Todd. He would hate, hated, hated me for saying so because he does not believe that this is true. But, unfortunately, this is true.

Nesmites recalls that when the developers wanted "Something different from the usual for Bethesda", They had to present this idea "for his consideration".

The head of Starfield did not fail to notice that Howard was also not delighted with such an organizational structure. "We must pay tribute to him: he tried very much not to be "a guy who will say the last word". This is not what he wants from an intellectual point of view". The studio allegedly formed in this way, because Howard – "A person who has his own opinion, and whose opinion is very valuable".

According to Nesmita, a longtime director of Bethesda "was able to put himself in the place of an ordinary player to a much greater extent than the rest of the developer team members". This property meant that he, of course, was "a guy who said the last", because the "I could always look at the game from the point of view of an ordinary player".