For Starfield, enthusiasts created a machine voice acting with more than 223.548 replicas and 5 unique voices!

Against the background of the news of the refusal of studios, voice Starfield:

Gamesvoice explained the reason why they did not take up the development of the game Starfield. And it is quite simple – the matter is a huge volume of the project. The representative of the studio of the people’s voicing, who posted a post on the VKontakte social network, said that work on Starfield would take at least four years and demand a budget of about 10 million rubles. As you know, not every studio will decide to take such responsibility

Enthusiasts performed the ordering machine voice acting of the game. According to the authors of the project, a huge number of replicas were announced in the course of work – more 223,548. This is an impressive volume of audio content, which will allow English players to plunge stronger into the game universe and feel its atmosphere.

An important aspect of the project is the use of various voice tones. The developer team made efforts so that the characters in the game had their own vote, and for this 5 voice actors were involved, including 2 men’s and 3 female votes.

When choosing a voice for each character, several factors were taken into account, such as gender, age, type. This made it possible to achieve more reliability.

The results of this project demonstrate the importance of neural networks for sound design in the gaming industry and how they can strengthen the impression of the gameplay.

Not bad for machine

This is only the beginning! If the work continues, then there will be a hokhma, if the translation is better, witty, better than the original. The sales market, even through dancing with a tambourine, for English -speaking all over the world, is rapidly falling for the gazebo. Interestingly, they counted on this, canceling all their efforts spent on English localization? I think not – only rejection of their actions caused their actions by their actions. Great rejection.

Well, the most quality than the original is certainly funny, even considering what we are talking about Starfield)

No, the gazebo was counting on it. But they do not decide what to do, but only fulfill orders that are very simple)

Chet he came up with himself, he was glad.

Well, let’s say so, there were examples in history, but then people were translated. People, however, and neural network technologies have created.

Alice, when the nessets will translate the game Starfield?

At the moment, there is no accurate information about when Nerys will translate the game “Starfield” into English. Follow the updates on the official website or on social networks of the company to receive additional information.

At the moment, there is no accurate information on this issue. Follow the news on the official website of NERS or on social networks to learn about the translation of the game Starfield into English.

Alice, but neural network technologies allow you to make high -quality translations from foreign languages

This is true, but as I understand it, NERYS, which is the developer of the game Starfield, has not yet used neural networks to translate its games. They can use other translation methods or in the future switch to neural network technologies.

And if you do not take into account specifically the game Strafield and the games are generally. High -quality translation is possible?

As a rule, a qualitative translation of games requires not only the use of neural networks, but also the participation of experienced translators and localizers who can take into account the features of the game, its plot and characters. It is also important to consider cultural differences and adapt the translation for a particular audience. In general, the use of neural network technologies can accelerate and automate the translation process, but the quality of the translation depends on many factors and requires thorough verification and correction.

So possible. Yes or no? Answer unequivocally.

I cannot answer this question, since I do not have sufficient information about the quality of the translation of games using neural networks. I recommend contacting specialists in this field.