Telltale Games acquired Erica FMV games developers

The developer of the narrative adventures Telltale acquired FlavourWorks, a British studio that created the FMV-group Erica.

This, of course, is about the recently revived version of Telltale, which returned to life at the end of 2018 under the new leadership after the original TELLTALEA was bankrupt.

FlavourWorks remains the most famous developer of the game Erica, which first went to the PlayStation 4 in 2019. Over the past years, the company reoriented on mobile devices and released the Hush – Crane FMV -game based on Touchvideo intellectual technology.

It seems that TellTale is very interested in Touchvideo technology, which allows players to freely interact with the recorded video (for example, press the pistol trigger on the smartphone screen, simply making the corresponding movement on the screen above the video).

"The FlavourWorks team, its technology and creative experience are ideal for TELLTALE", – Said Sir Yang Livingston (CBE) from Hiro Capital, which supported both studios. "After the successful launch of TELLTALE, The Expanse game, which received good reviews and an excellent reaction of players, I look forward to what gameplay innovations will bring cooperation with FlavourWorks to the creation of the best narrative games in its class".

"Telltale is an ideal partner for the maximum use of our own Touchvideo gaming engine", – ZAO School said, head of FlavourWorks. "They are a cult game brand, and we are looking forward to the opportunity to spread their games on new platforms, as well as use their creative and publishing resources to increase the level of our own development of original IP".

For the new TELLTALALE, there is a tense time: last month she presented her first new project since the revival – The Expanse: A TELLTALELE SERIES – more precisely, its first episode (there will be five of them).

After that, Telltale is going to start the release of the long -awaited The Wolf Among US 2, whose debut is scheduled for 2024.