Grim Dawn authors talked about the next major update

At the beginning of 2021, Crate in its last Grim Misadventure (a series of periodic articles with a discussion of Grim Dawn development), summing up the results of the past year, announced the suspension of Grim Dawn support to focus on other projects (starting with Farthest Frontier, which is now available in the early access) and at the same time about the termination of work on Grim Misadventures, since there was no more point in communicating about the development of the game, which is no longer in development.

This, however, did not prevent them from releasing the game on Xbox and release several patches, correcting and re -balance the game.

But do not forget that last month the game Diablo4 was released, which did not fail to call the excitement on the Arpg stage, introducing new players with the genre and highlighting other games that may like those who would like to see more or something else.

It is against this background that the developers of Grim Dawn released the new Grim Misadventure to give the first idea of ​​what will be version 1.2.0 games, the output of which is planned (for now) at the end of summer – early autumn (roughly speaking, September/October).

The first noticeable addition is the introduction of some functions taken from the GRIM Internals Fashion. It was a mod that provides various opportunities to improve the quality of life, but it ceased to be supported and therefore had some instability. Therefore, the developers asked the community what functions they consider to be the most important, and in the next patch, the options for turning off the cycle will be added "day Night", disconnecting the fog, displaying the numerical value of the remaining time of restoration in the action panel, increasing the radius of auto selection, adding new displays for rare objects and improving the display of enemies health bands.

In the future, it is planned to make other improvements in the quality of life, for example, to facilitate the passage of the bosses, adding the shortest ways to them, and to improve the frequency of the loss of some objects.

In addition, in this patche it is planned to change the maximum level of enemies so that they can reach the 100th level on all difficulties. Activated passives (auras and t.D.) it will no longer need to be equipped, but they will still be active (the visual effect will be deactivated using the option), while the energy costs will be removed (which will not be reported with blocked energy), and the effects that remove the buffs will deactivate these abilities for 2 seconds. Fart will be converted into aggressive mode by default, and not to ordinary.

Other smaller changes are listed, and others are not listed. In the period before the release of the patch, new versions of Grim Misadventures should be released. Unfortunately, unlike previous years, the release date of the next message is not reported, so you will have to follow the news, and not just come when they appear.