The first Gameplay of Aquen Star Wars: Outlaws with a demonstration of an open world and a showdown with bandits

Ubisoft Entertainment has finally conducted a detailed demonstration of its most ambitious project-Star Wars: Outlaws, which is based on a cult space opera "Star Wars". Players are waiting for a fascinating action with a full -fledged antihero in the foreground in the form of a fraudster Kay Wesser, which goes to the greatest robbery in the external ring. How the criminal world from "Star Wars" And what features of the open world are waiting for the players to show the creators in the gameplay video on Ubisoft Forward, lasting almost 10 minutes.

Star Wars: Outlaws sends players to the first open world "Star Wars". Action is created by nine internal Ubisoft studios led by Massive Entertainment and with the support of Lucasfilm Games. The plot will unfold around the bold Kay Vessa and her faithful satellite Android NIX. Heroes are drawn into the criminal world between films "Star Wars: The Empire is responding to a response" And "Star Wars: Jedi Return". While the Galactic Empire is added to victories over the rebels, they fight, steal and deceive criminal syndicates.

The main features of the game process Star Wars Outlaws:

  • Explore different planets with noisy cities and restaurants before rushing through extensive open landscapes on your spider. Each planet brings new adventures, unique trials and tempting awards if you are ready to take a chance.
  • Live the life of a criminal with high rates. Players can turn any situation in your favor: fight your blaster, defeat enemies with the help of secrecy and gadgets or find suitable moments to distract the enemies and prevail with the help of ingenuity.
  • Perform dangerous and highly paid missions of criminal syndicates of the galaxy. Stole valuable goods, penetrate into secret locations and outwit enemies, becoming one of the most wanted in the galaxy. Each of your choice affects your constantly changing reputation.

Star Wars: Outlaws promises to get to the release in 2024 by PC and consoles.