According to Jason Schreyer, a few people continue to work over the remake of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

According to the famous insider, the problem remake Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic has not died. This unofficial information about the project directly refutes the message of mid -November, which states that work on the Kotor remake is suspended.

This previous statement comes from the authoritative reporter Jeff Grabb. In the release of Game Mess Mornings, on November 17, Grabb said that Sony stopped financing the project and, in fact, abandoned it, despite the fact that she still has the right to joint publication. As a result of the game “no work is being done now“, He explained. The message arrived about six months after Grabb predicted that the Kotor remake would never come out.

This information about the problem project was partially refuted by Jason Schreyer from Bloomberg, who noted that the Kotor remake did not die. Discussing the state of the game on Resetera forums, Schreyer said that he did not believe that the project was completely postponed, referring to two sources in Saber Interactive, who informed him that the company was still working on a remake.

Despite this, the insider, apparently, substantiated the assertion of Grabb that Sony left the project, emphasizing what is the difference between the question of whether this game was alive, and whether it would ever come out. In the same way, according to Schreyer, the question of how the game will actually look like is a completely different question. If Sony really refuses the project, this will help to explain its decision to exclude from the list the 2021 remake trailer at the end of September.

"I talked with two people in Saber, and both of them said that they were still working on the project, so I do not believe that the comment that no one was working on it now is true", – said Schreyer.

Recall that initially the game was announced as a temporary exclusive for PlayStation 5, which ultimately had to reach a PC, so Sony initially acted as its only publisher. But since then, much has changed, including the developer himself responsible for the project: in September 2022, Embracer Group handed over the Kotor remake from Aspyr Media to Saber Interactive – another of its subsidiaries. Two months earlier, Schreyer said that Aspyr stopped the entire development of the project after the vertical cut of the game was not impressed.