Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be damage from a fall for those who like to take risks

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will allow us to explore Manhattan and new areas of New York on an even larger map. Obviously, the team also made sure that we could move between the buildings even faster, adding to two spiders “wings” that allow them to plan. However, this is not the only new function: in the game it will also be possible to get damage from the fall.

According to YouTuber Blitzwinger, you can get damage in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, but only if we want it. In other words, it will be possible to activate and deactivate the option in the game menu. If you prefer not to worry about gravity, you can simply ignore it, but if you want to make the stages of research a little more complicated, you can endanger yourself by getting damage from the fall. However, it is unclear what real damage to the game will suffer in the game: after all, both heroes are canonically very strong and stable, so it is likely that insignificant falls will not cause real damage.

Let’s make this function before in a witcher.Fell from 3 meters- died

Imagine a spider man with such a mechanics xD

hit the wall – died.

He stumbled on the Lesnik to the floor only his ears rolled around everything else like a grater of the steps in a rotten.

I fell a couple of days ago from 2 meters, so I lay out of the shrugging for a minute and got a lot of bruises, bruises, and a large open wound on my back. I was lucky to avoid a head hit.

I am scared to imagine what would happen if I fell from 3 meters, everything is not at all like in my fighters in life.

Sucker. And I got up and went further on the chill after 3.5 meters.

This is good, now it will make sense to fly on New York on a web, and try not to fall, otherwise in the previous parts you could fall directly from the skyscraper and at least henna.

in Spider-Man 2, Ultimate Spider-Man, Spider-Man 3 and with a stretch in Spider Man Wos, you could die from the fall

Alas, when they went out my computer was old, so I forgot about them.

It’s stupid that he is not and cannot be impressed in the house according to the covenants of Newton and Hook and remain disgusted and smeared on the glass.

They are mutants – spiders (mutants and Miles also have a fierce mutant) all the more, but they never hit the wall when

I somehow saw a fat spider descending from the ceiling at night and somewhere in the middle of his campaign ended a liquid web in the tank, he knocked down then, then he disconnected and sniffed at the Qinovka. The truth was not killed. I think with a spiderman also with proportional sizes without taking into account the reverse cube of weight and density of materials with a certain clinical force of Shmyak.

In WOS and PE3, if you accelerate very much and not turn off the wall, then you can calmly be imprinted, even the animation was special, but I remember making it extremely difficult.

Mechanics who complicate the game, I am for

Why is this damage needed? What in the cartoon, what in the film, that in the game, gravity went through the forest, no one used it earlier.

To make a feeling of danger from the height. Flying close to the ground, knowing that there will be no harm, does not bring any pleasure.

Hospad. We need pleasure, download the super -core mod on the Dark sauce, you will feel the whole severity of this world 😂 This is a casual toy, children I would even say what is the damage to the fall?

What, in Dark Souls there are flights on the web?

Xs, I think the models have done everything for a long time. After all, even in the game about the Middle Ages (or to what genre it belongs to, Skyrim) Kalashnikov machine!

I really look forward to realistic injuries from the game, just in two games they repeat the same mistake. For example, in Miles after the battle with Fina, where she, as it were, breaks his ribs, the hero barely gets up and says that his ribs are broken, but after the scene ends, and they give us the opportunity to play, Miles feels not like nothing It happened. He barely got up a couple of seconds ago, and now he can also perform tricks and everything also flies on the web, it picks up. I hope in the new part it will be like this: after the missions where the spider is injured, it flies at least a couple of minutes on the web and t, as a realistically wounded, for example, if you enter this state in some kind of battle, then the spider will be difficult to dodge, it will be weaker , he will not be able to indulge all the attacks, etc. In the flights on the web, he would be slow, or for example, could not reject the tricks well when you make a square. It would be very cool, even if it were added by a separate option in the game settings

The spider never had spaces with landings from a great height.

But what about casuals? They also make up the main audience of consoles?

Bad byte, try better

And as you think is called a person for whom to spam the X and Y buttons on the gamepad- the top of the hardcore?

Okay, show the comments, or examples in which it wrote

Wow. Did they really make at least something suitable. Otherwise this physics from the first game is sorry to get the complete garbage

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