Half-Life fanatical remake overtook positive reviews in Steam Original Valve

Black Mesa, the Half-Life fan remake, received more positive reviews than the original 1998 Valve, albeit not for a lot, which makes Black Mesa not only one of the best games that you can play in Steam, but also a real Half remake -Life.

It goes without saying that such a large number of reviews and a positive attitude of critics to Black Mesa simply would not have been if Valve had not created the original Half-Life. However, it is still amazing to see that the love and concern of the developer Crowbar Collective for the series was recognized after the Black Mesa on Steam in 2020.

The Black Mesa team thanked everyone for the reviews by writing:

Big day today! Great gratitude to all of you! We have reached an incredible line – 90,000 overwhelming positive reviews on Steam.

Currently, Black Mesa has 90 118 reviews, 95% of which positive. For comparison, the classic 1998 Valve game has 71,940 reviews, of which 96% positive. Considering that many consider Half-Life a significant achievement in shooters and video games in general, the fact that the developers of Black Mesa received approval from Valve and the Half-Life community in general will make someone crap.

For comparison, such a condemned Half-Life Source has only 11 201 reviews, which are mostly positive, since, although some graphic and physical improvements were made in the improved Valve version, it has much more glitches than in the original game, and than in Black Mesa, for that matter.

In general, Black Mesa deserves her reputation and deserves to stand on a par with the original Half-Life, despite the fact that Valve was not created. Soon it will also not be left alone, since Half-Life 2 Remastered will appear in Steam, which should provide all of us with an improved and visually redesigned version of the sequel from Valve.